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Directed By: Lauren Montgomery Written By: Dwayne McDuffie Story By: Mark Waid Editor: Christopher D. Loszinski Featuring the voices of: Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion, Carl Lumbly, Alexis Denisof, Michael Rosenbaum, Bumper Robinson, Phil Morris, Olivia D'abo, Juliet Landau

The Justice League are a team of great power, but also of personal secrets they thought safe. That changes when the immortal supervillain, Vandal Savage, has Batman's Batcave secretly raided to learn them all and more. Soon, The Leaguers are individually beset by their enemies who attack them with inescapable death traps specifically designed with that information. With that, all seems lost until an indomitable Knight and a young Titan combine to deliver salvation even as Savage uses the opportunity to implement a far grander scheme. --The film actually has a good story-line. Which is understandable as you are able to get away with grand scenes in animation that would cost hundreds of millions in live action films. Which might be the reason that live action films with a bunch of CGI in them look practically animated.

The film has a few great emotional individual scenes that actually manage to greatly affect the audience. Not in a artificial or manipulative way. You have already gained knowledge of these characters hopefully before the film if not they fill you in with information now and then. So you don’t have to go through everyone’s origin story.

The villains introduction as the Legion of doom is much different then the one I grew up with mostly in the Justice league cartoons of the 70’s and 80’s Lex Luthor is noticeably missing as well as Sinestro. Lex Luthor who was the leader has now been replaced entirely. At least this leader seems to actually have super powers though. It seems this league is more like some second string villains. Who come off as rather vague I will admit I am not the comic fanatic that I once was but I only actually knew quite few when it comes to this film.    

Batman once again proves to be the brains and most vital member of the team. His character also shows that brain power is superior and more powerful then any at times.

Though it can be harshly violent at times the film is a bit lighthearted.

Watching the film just makes me wonder why they haven’t made a Wonder Woman or Flash Film yet, They both got Tv Series and The Flash seems perfect for a film. He always has a one-liner and smart ass remark. He can be serious when needed to be but rather silly and playful too so that he doesn’t seem like he is brooding all the time like most, It would have been more spot on casting for Ryan Reynolds to play the Flash instead of the green Lantern. He is also popular among the Dc Universe heroes.

I can’t say I know much about Wonder Woman. I realize they are trying to avoid a Catwoman type fiasco but she is needed would be a good role model for young girls. Who finally would see themselves represented in films as more then just a girlfriend they can be heroes too not always the victim or damsel in distress. There was an attempt to reboot the series but it failed miserably plus had a lot of fan backlash. It just seems they can’t get the formula correct.

This is a pretty good animated film as long as you’re a fan of the characters. If not it will not be as interesting.

The thing I found really shocking that this film. While being a fantasy story has real graphic violence characters/Superheroes bleed and are actually murdered violently that is actually shown not as usual in these DC Comics animated movies, Where it is implied or cut away from the fight before it happens. --Sorry no bizarro in this film. One of the problems is that the film feels a little inspired by the watchmen especially Batman’s other world double who reminds me a lot of the nite owl.

One of the films major problems I had with the movie overall is that usually in these films. The characters are voiced by the same actions here quite a few are voiced by different actors particularly batman and not only did that throw me off, but the actor they got to voice him makes him seem like a old man. The film is never boring. It’s filled with action, but it never feels like there is any real danger. It doesn’t feel pulse rounding nor do you get a feel of urgency.

If you collector or are a fan of the comics. This film feels like a monthly issues that you feed but nothing important really happens. No real threat or any seeds laid for future developments. For the Justice League members that appeared in both the original comic story-line and the film, the contingency plans that Batman developed differ between each version. A few examples from the comics are that Superman was exposed to a special red kryptonite that caused his skin to turn red as a result of absorbing too much yellow solar radiation or that Green Lantern's ring caused him to go blind due to a post-hypnotic suggestion that made him believe he was blind which was placed while he was sleeping. In the film Superman was shot with a Kryptonite bullet, and Green Lantern was made to doubt the powers of his ring by giving into fear.

in the comics it was Batman's enemy Ra's al Ghul that got ahold of Batman's secret files regarding his Justice League teammates and their weaknesses instead of Vandal Savage.

In the original comic book story-line it was Kyle Rayner and not Hal Jordan who was serving in the Justice League as Green Lantern since this took place after Hal Jordan had become Paralax and then Spectre prior to this story-line's release and he wouldn't serve as Green Lantern again until the Green Lantern: Rebirth story-line that was released five years later.

While most of the film material is completely original, the plotline of Batman developing countermeasures against his Justice League teammates as a deterrent, only to have the plans stolen and used against the Justice
League is based off the 2000 JLA story-
line "Tower of Babel".

The other animated films created so far had that even though they still had predictable endings.


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