Sunday, October 9, 2011

NOWHERE (1997)

Written, Edited & Directed By: Greg Araki
Cinematography By: Arturo Smith
Production Design: Patti Podesta

Cast: James Duval, Jeremy Jordan, Mena Suvari, Rachel True, Jordan Ladd, Sarah Lassez, Christina Applegate, Nathan Bexton, Kathleen Robertson, Guillermo Diaz, Ryan Phillippe, Heather Graham, Debi Mazar, Shannen Doherty, Traci Lords, Rose McGowan, John Ritter, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Devon Odessa, Staci Keenan, Denise Richards, Teresa Hill, David Leisure, John Enos III, Charloette Rae

This plays like a demented , warped satire of BEVERY HILLS 90210 and teen movies and culture of the 90's.

The film takes place over one day in california. It follows a group of teen friends and their misadventures. Noreal solid plot as much of the movie just seems to happen not much seems actually planned.Though it's a teen movie it definately is not for kids. It tackles all the usual subjects. Drugs (tons of them) Infidelity, Date Rape, Suicide, LOve, First dates, Butit also includes new ones like Zombies, Cross Dressing and Fetishes. The film also takes typical cliched characters and turns your pre-concieved notions of them and turns them on their ear.With characters named Dark, zero, ducky, Lucifer, Dingbat, Kozy, Hand Job, and Egg. you know this is not your typical film.

It's has a very surreal stlye. The saturated colors in scenes. One character even has the lyrics of a song superimposed on his bedroom walls that surround him at every turn. It tries to be more punk style if film more then anything else

This is the third part of Greg Araki's Teenage apocalypse trilogy though his film KABOOM deals with similar subjects. Truth be told this at the time was the first film of greg araki's that i enjoyed. The film is a nihlistic piece of work as usual fro him in his early work. He calls this his first heterosexual film. As most of his previous work was considered gay cinema

Even though the film takes place in one day. the characters change clothes numerous times throughout the film.

This film is filled with both tons of cameos giving it a all star cast and filled with at the time many up and coming actors. The filmis filled with sex but oddly very little nudity. Though it does contain plenty of graphic shocking violence.

This film feels like a chance for the young stars of the film to distort whatever images they have in film and television. To show they have an edge and sense of humor. It also gives them a chanceto do a indie film. Which was the cool thing to do at the time. The film is almost like a time capsule to 90's culture.

Itis a veautiful film to look at no matter how trashy it tries to be. The art Direction, Camera work are truly admirable, but in the same mindset. The film can make things beautiful, but also stomach turning even the characters.

Just like the film the soundtrack is very vivid itself. Scoring the film with uneasiness and energy.

This film is crazy and definately out there, but i can honestly say i enjoyed it enough to give it a mild recommendation.


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