Sunday, October 9, 2011


Directed By: George Miller & George Ogilve
Written By: Terry Hayes & George Miller
Cinematography By: Dean Semler
Editor: Richard Francis-Bruce

CAST: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Bruce Spence

George Miller has gone off the rails and once again Created a totally original film. Though it is the third in a trilogy. Though this is a sequel, This film could seprate and be a stand alone film.

Though this film is not as focused as the first two films. George miller has managed to create his own world of the future. That mixes old and new machienry and gadgets.

George Miller actually co-directed the fim so he could focus on the stunts and action. while George ogilve focused on the actors and dramatic sequences. He had initially lost interest in the project after a close friend of his died, Which is why he only directedthe action scenes.

The film even pays attention to details like Max has a permanently dilated people after the serious injuries he sustaines in THE ROAD WARRIOR and in this film it is more evident in the close-ups.

George miller owns the rights to all the films. He had to give up ownership and directing duties to the film CONTACT to get it though. i think it was worth it.
This film once again Shows the brutality of the world while searching for a peaceful place. Where you can restart society and bring about hope in this world. Away fromthe scavengers and brutes. That seems to be the theme of this film, Hope. In this film unlike the others. It seems possible.

Tina Turner in this film, Not only to up the box office and lend star power, But she also sings the hit single theme song. This is her big screen debut. She doesn't really act in films that much that makes her appearance here rare. The film is the first to have american financing which mightbe why she was cast. The film is the tamest of all the films which is why it is also the most mainstream as it has the least amount of action and violence and half the cast is children. Tina turner is not bad as the leader a brutal gang and town that finds max and enslaves him then makes a dealwith him until he disappoints them. Then they punish him until he is found by a lost tribe. Who believes he is there savior, Who has been Prophesized about.

This film has the proper amount of action, Comedy and adventure, It has visual flair and lunacy. Like a scene where in the middle of a chase. Thechildren put on and focus on a record that teaches english to french.

Mad max is one of the greatest movie characters a anti-hero who always ends up doing the right thing, even if it is against his will at times. Once a cop always a cop i guess. There seems tobe a little religious subtext in this film. Max is afterall the messiah for the innocents. Th efilm originally was supposed to be about children living without parents in the future. The filmmakers needed someone to help discover them and defend them and that was when it was decided to make a mad max film.

This is one of Mel gibson few indelable screen characters and one he will always be remembered for.

The film also has many quotable lines as well as many classicaction scenes. Not as styled as the other films. it still has a style fo it's own.
This is definately a movie for the home library.


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  1. I've only seen it once, and don't remember it well, but I remember it being less focused than the other two. The thing with the children just feels like a different movie from the Thunderdome stuff. And there's a lot of good interesting things here, but it very much wants to stand alone as a movie. I have a hard time figuring out where this stuff fits into the world of the previous films. Particularly the stuff with the kids and the plane and all. I just remembered being confused by how it. I mean, the first film doesn't feel crazy-post-apocalyptic, but by Thunderdome it sure does. That shift has never exactly sat right with me. Then again, I probably have to watch Road Warrior again.