Saturday, October 29, 2011

FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 3 (1982)

Cast: Dana Kimmell, Larry Zerner, Nick Savage, Jeffrey Rogers

Directed By: Steve Miner
Written By: Martin Kitrosser & Carol Watson & Petru Popescu (Uncredited)Cinematography By: Gerald Feil
Editor: George Hively

This is the first Jason movie I ever saw completely even though it was edited on television I didn’t think it was that good but that was mainly because half the kills seemed more like gags to enhance the 3-d effect now as I have gotten older and seen more of the sequels I appreciate this film more it’s still not great but it’s a fun addition to the sequels as well as the first where Jason wears the hockey mask.

One of the first thing that attracted me to the series was that whenever I would go to a video rental place I would see the movie posters and the art always impressed me and made me want to see the films even though at the time I know the material in the films would scare me.

This is one of those film where I feel the victims you can feel sorry for because they characters in this film still have the universal cast of characters of every character type but all the characters are likeable and you truly do feel sorry instead of interested when they die especially the guy in the wheel chair he is finally going to get lucky then killed not only once but then he falls/rolls down the stairs and out of his wheelchair.

This film has two alternate endings one where Chris kills Jason but then has a dream in which Jason decapitates her then she wakes up The End the other one Chris does the same thing as the ending here except Ali survives with her and when the cops look for Jason’s body he has disappeared. The film also was supposed to have Amy Steel from the second movie coming back only to be killed which is why she turned it down. This was another film that was greatly cut to not get a X rating much of it involved steaming blood and a lot of it flowing and another one had a leg decapitation that had also opened the victims stomach and all there intestines spilling forth.

The reason I watched this was that the lead actress Dana Kimmell Who I recognized from plenty of Televison work and was excited to see her starring in a movie though I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t get nude. It’s disappointing that most of the actors in this series rarely went onto more films I know there acting wasn’t that great but they didn’t exactly have the best material to work with knowing they would be eventual victims making them nothing more then breathing props.

(Spoiler Alert)

This is a decent addition t the series but for the first time it really seems like a stuck on auto-pilot sequel that seems more made as a gimmick then a well thought out story it’s not bad but not the best it is entertaining. It also has a non-sensical ending where Mrs. Voorhies comes out of the lake to drag the survivor down which goes into the theme of a lot of the kills in this film copying or being based on similar kills in the original Friday the 13th. It also provides a false promise as this is never brought up in future sequels and is only here to end the film startlingly but ends up only as a gimmick A Rental


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