Saturday, October 16, 2010


CAST: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Michael Ironside, Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin, Jane Alexander

Directed By: McG
Written By: Michael Ferris & John D. Brancato
Cinematography By: Shane Hurlbut
Editor: Conrad Buff IV

The film already doesn’t seem to fit into the series though it is a continuation. It feels more like a videogame then a action film because while it sets forth with all these action scenes for the hero’s to find themselves in and combat there way through it. It seems like these situations would be more fun to plan and think through on a computer screen as you try and put yourself through it then to just watch.

For all the big spectecale and set pieces on screen that leave you awestruck it also feels like it is covering up for lack of logic and storyline. In the film there is little need for acting as is seems like it is more natural reactions and choreographed action sequences. Which makes the film entertaining as it is hard to get bored when something is getting blown up every few minutes. It’s a prefect popcorn film yet it feels empty

Watching this film is impressive like watching a really good videogame, But one you are not allowed to play so you are relegated to watch someone play and enjoy the game. So it brings back memories of going to your friends house to play videogames at their house and they are the only ones with the system. So you are their with all the other ids from the neighborhood. So you have to wait your turn to finally play as you watch all the visuals and levels of the game go by until it’s your turn. Then when you do, you die quickly or it’s time for you to leave so your chance is blown.

There seems to be no real reason for Christian bale to be in this film other then star power as he makes a good actor to represent the leader of the resistance who is making his way up the ranks. While he is good in the film he is also nothing special. Sam Worthington Who is really the co-lead is more adept at the action sequences which make his character more interesting as he is mainly the hero for two thirds of the film. Moon Bloodgood is really captivating as Worthington’s accomplice in the future she is both sexy and dangerous at the same time. I wish there was more for her to do in this film or for her to get her own film.

In this part 4 of the terminator tale. Worthington’s character is a prisoner who is going to get executed right before he falls asleep and wakes up in the war torn future sort of like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz as he makes his way through the world he ends up saving Kyle Reese who is the soldier from the future John Connor sends back in time to protect John Connor’s mother Sarah Connor. He ends up impregnating her with John Connor so if Kyle Reese is killed there is no John Connor the robots win. As the film goes on Kyle is taken prisoner and the convict hooks up with the resistance though to everyone’s surprise he is not what he seems to be.

It would have been more interesting if the filmmakers went with the first idea of the film mainly featuring Kyle Reese and Marcus wright’s adventure in the future only featuring John Connor in the last few scenes leaving him a mystery for most of the film then comes in with a iconic entrance. But with Christina Bale joining the film his character had to be seen throughout the film. Here it sems like his scenes are tacked on half the time with very little importance except to show he is working his way up to the leader we know he will become. The original plot seemed more like a piece of the terminator puzzle standing on it’s own. This feels like a watered down film intending to be part of another trilogy.

Like the third film of the series this film doesn’t measure up to the first two films mainly because the originals were handled by the mastermind behind the series James Cameron. This one was handled by McG. Who does well with overblown over the top films, But doesn’t offer any deepness or art in his films. Which even action films tend to have. So watching this film feels devoid of many things that make the first three great. So while this is watchable it could have been any sci-fi action story. It just happens to be a terminator film

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