Sunday, October 24, 2010

"SAW" Movies...

I Will eventually get to reviewing the SAW Films individually, but for right now i just have some comments on the series as a whole.

I started watching these series of movies. from the first one on. I think it really shows what i think of the films by the fact that, I have never seen one of the seven films in a theater.

I have seen six of them so far in the relative comfort of my home. I finally decided to watch the sixth installment today. As really nothing was on television and i had nothing better to do. Which is really the only way any of these films should be watched they are entertaining time wasters that you will immediately forget about once they are over. The filmmakers of ach part seem to think they are geniuses for throwing in tosses and turns but essentially it usally ends up the same film over and over.

While the first one had a interesting concept and a bigger name cast. It also had a Smaller scale. As the later sequels it was a test. but in actuality it was two filmmakers who wanted to get their foot in the door with a low budget horror film. The first one's quality was passable but what i would expect from rookies. It promised all this gore but due to budget or maybe even art wise. the violence that was presented was more of a after then a during or before. I'm not a gore hound but if i am being lead on a certain path building up my expectations then you give me what i expected but a censored version of it of course i am going to be disappointed.

Now the sequels surprisingly are more entertaining then the original. They give the promise of what was absent from the first film and proceed to beat you over the head with it. While trying to keep you on your toes with twists, but then you come to expect these twists so that half the time watching these films you are guessing instead of paying attention. Usually what you thought up is better then what the films present you with.

Now as the films gained popularity it was only natural to become a franchise. One that comes out every year. With each film though it has become annoying as the films are supposed to be giving insight into the past of the villian or killer mastermind. so we see him building up his mission and how they play out into the characters of whichever sequel. but then with each new film they take what we know as his past and add a new detail a twist to the percieved actions we have seen previously in the films. Now if this was planned out since PArt 2 to tie together each film i applaud the measure as smart filmmaking. but as i believe it just is made up to show something other then torutre and gore every 10 minutes. then it's more like the writers are pulling it out of there ass or making it up with what they have.

Either way the films begin to feel like a violent gameshow. Each new film just seems to be a reasonto show off new torture devices that you know are going to get used. So you just wait to see how it will be employed. I mean most of the films begin with just such a scene. Which happens to a character we won't see in the movie after that scene and maybe one later hospital or police interrogation scene.

It's sort of like they are still using the SCREAM movies gimmick of killing off a celebrity in the first scene. Which started out as genius but became a cliche. Only the saw films don't use a celebrity. As celebrties or stars rarely appear in horror films as then it would be obvious who was going to survive there would be no real suspense as to the fate of their character. So When SCREAM killed off drew barrymore in it's first scene it was shocking at the time as we expect the so called star to make it to the end or at least near it. Sure the idea was introduced by Alfred Hitchcock with PSYCHO, but at least Janet Leigh was in half the film before she perishes. Though those are both labeled horror they are more like thrillers as there is no supernatural elements. More of a who done it killer on the loose. One of the great things about horror films you can introduce new or experimental ideas in them as there is no real cookie cutter way to make them. Plus you don't need big stars to make them and everyone in the film is a suspect or can be a victim no one is usually sacred.

Now don't get me wrong they are not the worst horror films or even the worst horror franchise. It's just the films come off as Smug. Like they think they are better then they are. Which is mediocre at Best, Sure they are fun if you have nothing else to watch. But it's bad when they barely pass as mainstream entertainment.

That is just my opinion if these films are great to you. Feel free to enjoy them i won't think any less of you.

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