Sunday, March 25, 2018

SEX IS ZERO 2 (2007)

Directed By: Tae-Yun Yoon 
Written By: JK Koun 
Editor: Jin-Hui Jeong 

Cast: Chang Jung Lim, Ji-Hiyo Song, Seong-Guk choi, Yi-Shin, Ji-wan Hu 

In his 10th year at college, Eun-sik is part of a nearly ideal campus couple with swimming champ Kyung-ah. While their three-year relationship is solid, Eun-sik struggles to get to the next level with Kyung-ah; despite the help and support of his friends, he can't manage to get her into bed.

This is a film I never expected to really have a sequel. Now like the first film this is a movie that seems more designed to have international appeal. As it is still a sex crazed comedy. That seems more aimed at teenage or immature audiences.

When the first film came out I didn’t even know there was a sequel. I knew it was planned so you can imagine my surprise when I found out it was available on Netflix streaming. Finding that out I wanted to watch it as soon as possible. The first film wasn’t a cinematic achievement but it was a fun film to discover.

Like most sequels this film is bigger yet seems more like the same. Luckily the gross out humor is not as bad as the first film. So you can say this film is more mature. As it also doesn’t seem to be inspired by another film. Just as the first film seemed inspired by THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN. Which itself was inspired by LEMON POPSICLE. This film at least has an original storyline. So that it is more a beast all it’s own.

This film builds another great love story that mixes perfectly and doesn’t feel like they are happening in two separate films. Though each is tackled. It feels in different tones as some characters and stories are brought back. They are nice to see but feel like filler a lot of the time.

The comedy is still over the top, yet hilarious as offensive and raunchy also hard to believe. There is a layered textured love story that is quite beautiful and affecting. Though last in the last scene the emotions we should be feeling is skewered by a punchline. It’s heart makes the film feel worth the time and more than the sum of it’s parts.

There is plenty of skin on display with sexual humor and adult scenes that are quite funny but not too much more of the scantily clad kind.

The film starts off new. Though it feels like a bonus of you have seen the first film. As you get to watch the continuing adventures, but if you didn’t, you should still enjoy this film as it’s easy to follow. A warning though for fans of the original. The first five mi ties of this film breaks your heart.

The film is enjoyable though scattershot as it bounces around in tone.

Grade: C+

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