Friday, March 30, 2018


Directed By: Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury 
Written By: Seth M. Sherwood 
Based On Characters Created By: Tobe Hooper & Kim Henkel 
Cinematography By: Antoine Sanier 
Editor: Sebastien De Sainte Croix & Josh Ethier 

Cast: Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Finn Jones, Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, Jessica Madsen, James Bloor 

 A teenage Leatherface escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates, kidnapping a young nurse and taking her on a road trip from hell, while being pursued by a lawman out for revenge.
This movie serves as a prequel to the first film and tries to show where the family and LEATHERFACE started so this is an origin tale. It could be titled Making of a monster. As we get hints as to what made him the crazed boogeyman he turned into. Really his first massacre as he is being built into his role.

For the most part this film seems like a brutal assault. Not only on the characters but also the audience. As this film seems to want to go over the top to give the graphic violence the original film lacked. Here we see everything in all of it’s gory glory.

Everything is made to look dirty and disgusting. As this is the most violent of all the other films in this series including the more recent reboots of the series. Though it is also the best directed of the prequels and reboots, though rapid editing reigns supreme here. Which becomes bothersome but understandable as it seems more due because of the extreme violence.

The directors Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury previous films are similarly though more creatively violent. As they are more surreal and tend to use on screen violence as their tapestry in films such as INSIDE and LIVIDE.

So it doesn’t come as a shock that they make this film just as similar. Maybe it is more shocking as part of a franchise and making it seem like there is no real reason for it other then it is expected.

The story detailing the origins of the main character has a respectable veteran cast in supporting roles. That are smaller but pivotal and give the film some names to make the film seem more enriched.

The film has very few decent characters. As the film showcases over the top violence for very few of any reason. Except to create an atmosphere and let the audience get used to it. While the film tries to keep topping itself. Especially as one scene has a escape and riot at a mental hospital that is a show stopper as far as a set piece but disturbing as far as the acts depicted.

The film is set up as a mini mystery in the beginning. As we wonder which one of the mental hospital escapees is the actual eventual LEATHERFACE. Throughout the film there is only one character who is likeable and they are held more as a hostage throughout.

If I haven’t made it clear enough by now. Everything about this film is excessive and it seems mostly for shock value or to make up for some gore that most people believe is in the series. As instead of jump scares it’s more shocks as each one leads to some kind of violence. As the film seeks to really want to show the damage a chainsaw can do. Especially as the film is set in the 1950’s so a period piece meant to showcase violence in a decade we are not used to seeing so much graphic stuff in

This film seems to be an attempt to jump start the series again. That has been a fun journey through the films. As it seems to be a trend to reinvigorate it give a hidden history for horror movie characters that have been left vague and seek to want to continue in trends.

I am a fan of the directors and their previous films though this feels more like a grind house/exploitation film with some unnecessary sex and even a quick rape shots. Where everything feels sweaty and dirty and with no limits.

It’s a cynically sad slaughterhouse of a movie. Though the directors seem to be naturals to make this kind of film and match the series.

Just wish her had more and better to work with script wise. As this seems more devoted to the violence then story or acting. Especially with the mystery that seems quickly down away with by a certain point. That could have lasted longer.


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