Friday, January 26, 2018


Written & Directed By: Sebastian Gutierrez 
Cinematography By: John Toll 
Editor: Lisa Bromwell & Robb Sullivan 

Cast: Lucy Liu, Michael Chiklis, Robert Forester, Carla Gugino, Holt McCallany, Mako, James D’Arcy, Margo Harshman, Simon Rex, Samaire Armstrong, Zach Gilford, Fran Kranz, Elden Henson, Nick Lachey, Marilyn Manson 

A reporter wakes up in a morgue and finds herself a member of the undead, before vowing revenge against the sect which put her there.

I wish I could say this movie is something different from the rest of the vampire movies. Oh wait a minute this one has cool weapons, on yeah so did BLADE. There is nothing too original in this movie.

It’s just a plain old revenge film that involves vampirism and has an Asian actress in the lead. You see she was researching an article on goth kids when she was not only raped, but had all her blood drunken and when she survives, she realizes she is now a vampire, but a self hating one who wants to complete her mission. Then kill herself with the help of a revenge seeking cop. The vampires killed his daughter.

Why am I giving the plot away? Because there is no reason to watch this film. Not only any originality, no real entertainment either. Even if it was a generic B movie. It would be fun but for all the gore and nudity. This movie is pretty dull and boring.

You even have Robert forester a star who is only in it for three lines in one scene. Then there is a prolonged scene between the lead vampire and a victim he is seducing that goes on for 10 minutes. Why? To pad out the run time? To give the actor an actual scene to act in and try to bios the character.

Somehow this film for quite an impressive cast. I don’t know how did they read the script? Were they worried about an upcoming SAG strike? We’re they blackmailed? Was it a favor? Did they need a new Porsche? That will never be answered for this straight to home video beauty has no audio commentary. Not that if there was one I would really want to listen to it.

I don’t need to know how this crap was made my two main complaints are 1. Lucy Liu needed to hire a new agent. You are capeable of so much better and so much more between this and the comedy THE CLEANER and LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, you are becoming the female Cuba Gooding Jr. without the Oscar. Casting you in DAREDEVIL as Elektra would have been a step up (hey they did unorthodox casting in that movie with a back kingpin, why not an Asian elektra. She’s done action before in the CHARLIE’S ANGELS and SHANGHAI NOON movies)

Why do movies like this get made with the budget of this film there probably could have been two good original movies or at least a good b movie with some Tweaking and giving it a sense of humor instead of making everything so serious and suicidal.

This film is pretty forgettable. Which might be good for all those involved. It’s a shame considering the names in the cast. This was unfortunately Mako’s last on screen performance

Grade: D

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