Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SiREN (2016)

Directed & Edited By: Greg Bishop 
Written By: Ben Collins & Luke Piotrowski 
Based On Characters Created By: David Bruckner & Nicholas Tecosky 
Based on the Original screenplay “AMATEUR NIGHT” By: David Bruckner 
Cinematography By: George Feucht 

Cast: Hannah Fierman, Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn, Hayes Mercure, Brittany S. Hall, Michael Aaron Milligan, Lindsey Garrett 

A bachelor party becomes a savage fight for survival when the groomsmen unwittingly unleash a fabled predator upon the festivities.

This film is a feature length film based on the creature and short AMATEUR NIGHT originally from the anthology film V/H/S which was captivating and made you want to know more.

This film continues the legend of the creature. That ends up making this film feel quite like it is based on rather than being an actual modern mythic fable.

The film also goes the route of having the main characters not realizing what they have gotten into or unleashed when they decide to rescue the girl who they believe to be innocent and then all hell breaks loose. So that during the film the characters have to keep making the choice of trying to figure out the lesser of two evils.

Though unfortunately it seems to match the shorts Independent budget. Which works with a short running time as it also leaves the film to be more creative with what it has here feature length even though short. You can see how hard it was to stretch their dollars.

The film leaves one with mixed feelings as a fan of the original short that felt innovative to a degree. It ties to stretch out that experience and wonder. As well as a lot more death and violence.

The film ends up reminding the audience of an extended tales from the crypt episode. In fact this could have even been another one of the films from that brand like BORDELLO OF BLOOD or DEMON KNIGHT. Only this one is quite a bit better than BORDELLO OF BLOOD. As eventually this film has so many reveals of freaks and mutants. Involved in a cult club filled with supernatural fetishes that it feels like another chapter of the X-Men only devoted more to the villains and designed by writer/Director Clive Barker (HELLRAISER)

The film offers scares but feels predictable. It ends up being basic but stays interesting as you keep hoping it will surprise or reveal something more. As the film leaves many questions and mysteries other than the lead creature that leaves room for sequels.

It was only inevitable that the film would go the way it does. The original writer/director of the short David Bruckner is involved in the film as Executive producer. He was heavily involved in the making of the film and directed the second unit for the movie upon the request of director Gregg Bishop.

Hannah Fierman reprises her role from the short and she is fascinating in her performance as we get kind of her characters backstory to a degree and purpose.

Similar to the Film LIGHT'S OUT. It ends up disappointing considering the promise it touches upon. Though this lends itself to being a lot more conventional yet specific than that film.

The film has more of a 1980's vibe with. Idiot and sex more than usual it seems in modern horror these days. Luckily for the most part the film keeps itself simple. Though at times gets so ridiculous after awhile or ends up becoming fun yet ultimately disposable.

Justin Welborn feels like he is too young to play his role and the way they dress up his character who is the main villain who the film tries to make seem more iconic but feels more like the actor is dressed up and would work better with a known character actor in the role. The role seems like it requires more of a Michael Madsen, Lance Henriksen or that type of actor more infamous with that character type. Not that he does a bad job. It just feels like he is more dressed up as a weird Paul Williams/Eddie Izzard hybrid.

The film is smart to keep itself situated in the backwoods. So that the story itself stays small and self contained. As too many people would make the story too big. Though the way it is allows for plenty of individual victims the film can keep their deaths more detailed. Where as others would be expecting more of a bigger budgeted monster movie. Which some audience members might be expecting.

The film leaves us to ask who is more dangerous? The creature who knows no better and only acts by desire and instinct or it’s keepers who seem to cage it. It want so much from those who come to visit and are willing to kill any who help the creature escape.

The film has exaggerated but seemingly realistic violence that could be seen as more repulsive and unnerving. Not her all these apply but some of the one's that will make me instantly look away or prefer not to see protruding broken bones, Knee caps broken or popped off. Fingernails ripped or pulled out, teeth removed, penetrated eyes, rape, anything that looks much too real biologically as far as gore or violence and the film THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2

Though the story seems like it is inspired or seeks redemption from the accusation of V/H/S being sexist and misogynistic. So this film starts off with the characters celebrating a bachelor party and most of them being respectful and seeming to pay the price for excess eventually, but wants us to feel sorry for some. Even though the lead stays respectful throughout.


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