Friday, March 3, 2017

MR. RIGHT (2015)

Directed By: Paco Cabezas 
Written By: Max Landis 
Cinematography By: Daniel Aranyo 
Editor: Tom Wilson 

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick, Tim Roth, RZA, James Ransone, Anson Mount, Michael Eklund, Katie Nehra 

After a going through a painful break up, a woman meets a man who appears to be perfect for her. However, as their relationship develops, she learns that he is a former hit-man. Their new, but genuine relationship is tested even further as they try to save each other after his dark past comes back to haunt him

The female lead played by Anna Kendrick is open emotionally due to a recent break up. She has a quirky personality usually only found in romantic comedies. Energetic going for broke that means she corms across as a bit unstable.

Sam Rockwell's character is Truthful throughout it seems only so later we and her her have to admit he never lied about his past. It's that she is so used to men lying or telling tall tales to seem engaging, witty it entertaining that she believes it is all just talk to be charming a running joke to stave off sincerity which can be a mood killer.

Assassins looking to upgrade and get promotions while having an ideology.

The film has Great ideas that when combined oddly work, though the look is too garish. We realize the limitations of the budget to make it seem more realistic it comes off shiny and tacky as a visual landscape.

That if for the performances and story would be inspired to turn it off. The film seems to have a sense of humor about itself. Yet knows it's smart then How it presents itself me so it comes off more cocky, but doesn't have the sharp direction to back itself up.

The film seems to have a rhythm but constantly seems In Search of style. Quirk for quirkiness sake.

The performances are fun as actors are obviously having fun so they are on point and match the mood. Sam Rockwell is his off kilter and comes across charming as usual including his dancing skills that are pretty good. Tim Roth is looser then I have seen him in a role. In a while.

The films seems like a indie movie hit that would have bee. More comfort and Had this film had been made 2000-2010 as it seems fresh yet flow

Nice to see the damsel In Distress. Got a chance to kick ass and be dangerous also Though in the end she totally seems crazy which would make With the character she is In love with though with all she had been through you can understand to a degree.

Everyone in the film seems to seems to quick with the one liners.

The film gives a partial inner look into an Assassin or henchman's life shown through with so many off the wall characters. the development of the RZA's character Steve who nearly steals the movie with his raw simple performance. Though has the new millennium message who wants to be normal. His character At least proves always to be a man of his word.

The action scenes are big yet seem simplistic. And just good enough action scenes to be passable due more too to fancy footwork and small scale stunts seem over the top. Enough while trying to portray itself as lonely. Despite seems like it would fit with the films.

This film is full of ideas that pass by so quickly very few of them get to achieve to take hold and you're not quite sure if they are supposed to be as disposable as they appear. (Just because you acknowledge it doesn't dismiss it)

There is a romantic bonding scene that involves knife catching and throwing.

Like the scene where she can't tell if be is a pathological liar or if he is just telling her tales and is getting older or if he just believes his own lies or the scary as felt that maybe he is telling the truth.

Seem like this film is similar to THE KILERS with Ashton Kutcher. The film this film strived to be as at least this film has charm. Even if the decor seems to be designed to take advantage of it's states tax incentives for making movies in the state.

The film Offers the Classic job/lifestyle clash with romance.

Enjoyment as a straight to VOD title in all aspects. As she seems that turned on by the violence or maybe it's more out of the act of valor.

Written By Max Landis it comes off as more of a minor entryin his resume but this film refrences and seems to connect to previous films and projects he has written such as AMERICAN ULTRA and DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY

Enjoyed this move way more then I should have, next to the movie CHRONICLE. So far my favorite Max Landis scripted film (even if I have a soft spot for VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN) by the end kendrick's character seems crazier as at least he has sense, rhyme and reason.

Grade: B-

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