Friday, January 6, 2017


Written & Directed By: Kerry Prior 
Cinematography By: Peter Hawkins 
Editor: Walter Montague Urch 

Cast: David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths, Jacy King, Eric Payne, Berando Badillo 

The night after his funeral, Bart, a soldier killed in Iraq gets up out of his grave and seeks out his best friend Joey. At dawn Bart's body falls to the floor, only to reawaken the following dusk. He and his buddy decide that he is a revenant: an articulate zombie that needs to drink blood to arrest the decomposition of his body

This film is obviously not the Leonardo DiCaprio wilderness survival revenge tale. It doesn't even come close in quality to it.

Though this film is quite enjoyable as it goes along. As at first the film seems pretty predictable and repetitive. Then once it hits a certain point it begins to morph into many different films. As the film changes it makes us grapple with more the ill behavior of the main characters and the Consequences of their actions. Though the film actually makes us feel some guilt for the lives lost by their victims ultimately. Even as their victims never quite for the stereotype and are actually interesting characters.

The film is actually creative as it shows it thinks on it's feet. Though In Certain scenes the film seems to focus on joke sir being comedic more than anything else.

The film feels like it has endless ideas that went into it as the film keeps going through changes with the developments of the characters and their situations. Especially as it moves into a more shocking second and third act.

The practical special effects are very impressive and a rarity these days. That it is also refreshing to see them used so creatively. Amazed at what the filmmakers were able to do with such a modest budget. As this is a filmmaker who deserves to keep making movies. Especially if they can keep an original voice. As you won't even mind the films rough edges.

The poem that is attributed to "Anonymous Tombstone" at the beginning of the movie is actually the first stanza of a poem entitled "There Is No Death" by J.L. McCreery.

The film could do with less vice in the form of drugs in the film, but that might have been included as a form of metaphor for coping with. Or only the dilemma but also PTSD. As well as the addiction to blood, bit can't quit as he needs it to survive. It also allows the filmmaker to show reckless behavior that is more believable and the consequences. Especially the toll it takes when the film decides to get emotional.

What is partially humorous about this film is that he lead is played by actor David Anders. He plays the part well. And as this film came out In 2009, in 20015 he plays a character on the show IZOMBIE where he plays a similar role, who is still all too human though here he is more conniving and a villain.

If I had known Chris Wylde was in the film it might have given me pause, but I am happy to report he isn't as annoying as he can be in other roles. Then again as he dials it back a bit. It might be that is the quality of what the character he plays needs. Here he attempts to play more well rounded.

Joey runs into a liquor store called Samsa's in order to help Bart. Gregor Samsa is the name of the main character in Franz Kafka's novella Metamorphosis; he awakes one morning to find that he has transformed into a monstrous creature and is subsequently forced to reassess his life.

By the end none of the characters are that likeable, but then again the film shows them as not being perfect trying to figure things out as they come. While with one power corrupts the other seems to relish in having to do this for survival but also at least some guilt I. What he is doing and the choices he is making.

The ending also seems to be trying to say something or think it's smart, by it's own rules it doesn't so much solve It's problems as continue them.

As the film already never explains why or what starts the protagonist to come back. Though hints at the beginning that he might have been a biological weapon.

This is a fun discovery, a hidden gem her stays entertaining and breathes some life into a familiar genre that stays true, but still manages to tell it's own story and fall into a love story. Like the film MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK but this feels more fun.

Grade: C+

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