Monday, November 7, 2016


Directed By: Jim Hosking 
Written By: Jim Hosking & Toby Harvard 
Cinematography By: Marten Tedin 
Editor: Mark Burnett 

Cast: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elboar, Elizabeth De Razzo, Gil Gex, Joe David Walters, Sal Koussa 

The Los Angeles-set tale follows Ronnie, a man who runs a Disco Walking tour along with his browbeaten son, Brayden. When a sexy, alluring woman comes to take the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her attentions. It also signals the appearance of an oily, slimy inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night and strangles the innocent, soon dubbed 'The Greasy Strangler.'

Imagine the quirky side characters from the show THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE getting their own movie and they decided to just be dirty and disturbing. That is partly what this film is like.

You could also imagine it as a TIM & ERIC AWESOME SHOW type movie determined to push boundaries and make the audience either uncomfortable or confused. As it obviously aims to be a cult movie.

Where everything in the film feels more performed and pronounced. Yet it still manages to be rarely funny. It's weird just for weirdness sake and finally ends up feeling like a spoof with no clear aim.

The main plot of the film which is in the name seems like something to tie all the characters and strangeness together. As it seems like a main point that seems to get buried under other supporting arguments. As the killings of the title come up time to time as the film seems to travel away from them and go on it's own tangents. Returning more when the film needs to have action or a character need to get out their frustrations.

The film tends to go off on side stories revolving around a love triangle that has father and son pitted against one another. At first it just seems strange and cute. Leaving more towards the ridiculous and absurd the longer it goes on. Though after awhile it feels insufferable as it gets to be more of the same. Like the film is constantly running in circles. Almost appearing to be a live circus act. Some of the violent imagery and effects are impressive. Even if they come for more as cartoonish and exaggerated.

The score is fun and the most entertains aspect of the film. Even as it sounds like it was made on a Casio keyboard.

The cast gives it their all. As they are asked to do the embarrassing and wear the inspired bright wardrobe that looks like it was found in good will and left over from the 1970's disco revolution.

The film is original and seems like it desires to come off like NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Not necessarily in subject matter but more in style of being a small scale, goofy and get by on it's quirky charm, but that doesn't really work here. This seems like a film you will either love or hate. You will get it or you won't. Though one could see that, that is exactly what he director intended.

It's a shame as I was really rooting for this film. As I am usually a fan of the buzzard and out there cult films.


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