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Directed By: Dan Mazar 
Written By: John D. Phillips 
Cinematography By: Eric Alan Edwards 
Editor: Anne McCabe 

Cast: Zac Efron, Robert DeNiro, Aubrey Plaza, Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough, Dermot Mulroney, Mo Collins, Adam Pally, Danny Glover, Jason Mantzoukas, Brandon Mychal Smith, Catherine Dyer 

Jason Kelly, the grandson of Dick Kelly, loses his grandmother about two weeks before his wedding to Meredith. He tries to assist his grandfather and console him for his loss, but was rather tricked into a spring break road trip; chasing youth once again. with the help of Shadia and Lenore, the two men go on an adventure they'll never forget.

Shockingly, The screenplay was featured in the 2011 Blacklist, a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year.

The dissection of this film is probably longer then it needs to be and will probably come off as pompous.

Only once in awhile does the film really make one laugh. Though bad it is somewhat likeable. Like that friend onto you like who seems to push all your other friends buttons. I will admit other than being a fan of Aubrey Plaza I have no good reason for liking the film.

The film seems more like it would be at home as a national lampoon straight to V.o.d film. As it seems to revel in bad taste.

The film plays like a porn with all the lead up and none of the action. Yet given the promise of what was expected. It is like it censored itself for Television or cable but left the language and material in.

I believe I feel guilty for enjoying or liking the film a bit. As I can barely explain why but can point out most of the problems of the film. As I shouldn't like it. The jokes seem only there to make the most extreme jokes out of any given situation the script brings the characters and scenes that I wonder if there is some kind of misguided satire about the state of Florida or trying to expand the type of genre and expectations this type of films presents.

The film seems to try to be more respectful to the LGBT community rather than women by the end. Through only after bashing both to a degree as far as material. Though would certainly count as a heartthrob movie for Zac Efron. Who already did those type of films with 17 AGAIN after HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. This film seems not rained for that type of crowd who have grown older with him and more sure in their sexual feelings and sons of the flesh.

The film has the humor and the material but not the bravery or strength to go with the more visual and objectionable material. It's telling that star Robert DeNiro was absent from promoting the film. As it seems more like a paycheck job that apparently or at least I hope he needed badly. The film dressing up his characters defense of others he made fun of before doesn’t mask his previous Sins. As the film seems cruel, disgusting and mean spirited with a happy ending. As the comedic actors in the cast go for it in each scene with full gusto and nothing is off limits.

The film ends up giving me mixed feelings. As this movie reminds of the type of college beach sex come idea I grew up with and got me through puberty. Though strange to see the genre subplanted to be a more mainstream studio comedy with an Oscar winner in it's cast. That makes it seem outbid place and more a type of paycheck job or last effort film towards the end of one's career for the more senior cast mates (though I hope not) as roger Moore was in BOAT TRIP and seems to work time to time.

It might not affect a modern audience the same way. Who might see it as more a bad low brow embarrassing comedy. Seemingly to make a quick buck as this is more that type of film. You indulge in ironically or you watch as the premise seems so ridiculous, it must be better than it seems. So it’s like a drunken mistake. Which might be one it the best ways to make this film somewhat more entertaining.Even the soundtrack choices seem late and not inspired.

I wish this could be a case of a guilty pleasure or even an argument of finding low brow comedy treasures. Where you shouldn't be looking or even a dense of so called offensive humor. it just seems like an old people say the darnedest things. As we watch them act I characteristically though reminded they were young once and want to just have fun like everybody else. As after all they are humans

Though strange as when he gets what he wants and has talked about non-stop throughout. He retreats for no valid reason. As the film has built it up so much. Now all of a sudden he is scared of success as i guess it's not what he hough it would be. Now that he can have it. It's too real and doesn't seem as special anymore. Maybe even he feels he is too old. Which helps him to realize after this what else is there to conquer?

It really does bog us down. At least for Me that I am watching this mainly for Aubrey Plaza. As the female fans of Zac Efron watch this as maybe a beefcake film. I am watching it only to see her in action. As at least she is sexy, funny and seeks at home in the material. Milking it for all of it's worth. As she inhabits her role and even if there was a version of the film edited with only her scenes and would shorten the movie by 45 minutes, the film wouldn't be good but it would be enjoyable. As watching his film doesn't give the true feeling of what films like this used to give me even with the addition of talent. It still lacks some ingredients to make it full over the top. So that it pales in comparison to those original movies and doesn't try to spoof the genre or deconstruct. Which even makes it more baffling as to why the notable talent is in this film unless they all got stuck in a film that seemed better in paper and got sabotaged or thought it was a joke and signed on because of the title. So commercial and generic it works more as a skit idea. That seems for the movie THE HANGOVER audience but more low brow. Aubrey plaza convincing and passes as s 21 year old. Even though she is considerably older. She is the bombshell of the film. She has claimed that she accepted the role of Lenore because it was different from the characters she usually played, and because she wanted to engage in physical comedy.

Dan Mazer a producer, writer for Sasha Baron Cohen’s BRUNO, BORAT and Ali G, directd the film and he obviously went with the primal and bad taste aspects. All the more to try and shock the audience. As well as insult as a form of Comedy.

I like to think that he film subverts the genre by talking about nothing but sex. Yet there are no sex scenes and no nudity. Though plenty of talk about it and the closest person who gets nude is Zac Efron. The women might be in bikinis but that is the most skin they show. Though own try of X-rated dirty talk from Aubrey Plaza who is a trooper for saying half of those things and not being embarrassed or feeling demeaning.

Surprisingly not quite as horrible as you would think but just as offensive. As it also seems preoccupied with drug humor.

This films aim seems to be in offense or humor that seeks to shock the audience. Then actually be open and apologetic to a degree as it fears coming. Off too offensive to certain Groups. Though as the film has a more of a sophomoric humor that would be more of a frat comedy if not that it likes to insult them also.

I am shocked Robert DeNiro decided to be in this film. It seems more like he lost a bet. He gives it the old college try and is believable. Though seems to have his dignity sky high as he does things more embarrassing I. Screen. Almost like he ends up becoming a mascot for the film. Though supposedly as there is a rumor BILLY MADISON is his favorite film or at least one of them. Then you could maybe see why he appears in This film. Which seems to be written around the title and is a equal opportunity offender.

The film seems to ask all of it's actor to give up some dignity

For a film so sex craved and obsessed there is no nudity if anything there is more male nudity from Zac Efron. So anyone who is a fan of him and his body are In for a treat. Though for all the bikinis no women actually get nude. Also there is no sex in the film though talk about it constantly.

This is a mid budgeted 80's sex film without the sex. Which hurts the film as it’s comedy is both thing to write home about. This comes off as another film where we watch older respected Actors share wisdom and relive Their youth of some kind or at least co-star with each other in projects not worth their name or marquee 10 - 20'yewrs too late films like GRUDGE MATCH, LAST VEGAS.

The one bright spot in the film is Aubrey plaza who is asked to say such dirty lines it is amazing she wasn't insulted when reading the script. She at least seems to be actually having fun. As this film casts her as an object of desire. And fits the bombshell role well. While keeping her sarcastic side we'll shown. Which is why the film boils down to a lot of time s plenty of double entendres and one liner's going back and forth that are usually sexual that the film seems to believe is the height of being like an old slapstick comedy though minus the wit.

This is also the first film where the smoking of crack or hard drugs is the height of comedy as well as pedophilia. Like I said this film is nothing but bad taste that leaves stains afterwards.

It also doesn't supply what it advertises or makes the audience believe it will deliver. While a low for Robert DeNiro at least he seems to be having fun as well as most of the cast. As they all do what they can with the script and Zac Efron is obviously Gung ho through out.


Though the betrayal by his fiancé towards the end feels impractical and only used to have a major reason for him to leave as to her betrayal as her being mean wasn't good enough.


Grade: D

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