Friday, October 21, 2016


Directed By: Andy Palmer 
Written By: Ben Begley 
Story By: Ben Begley & Renee Dorian 
Characters By: Renee Dorian 
Cinematography By: Flilip Vandewal 

Cast: Scottie Thompson, Matt Angel, Jere Burns, Chasty Bellesteros, Candice De Visser, Michael Eric Reid, Erick Chavarrla, Renee Dorian, Mars Crain, Clint Howard, Courtney Gains, Robert Englund, Carlos Alazraqui, E.E. Bell, Ben Begley

Six of the world's scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

This is a 80's inspired slasher film, that provides a variety of them plus cliche type characters. Though the film is done all tongue in cheek with a consistent sense of humor.

That shows a love and respect for the films that clearly inspired it. Though thankfully never goes into spoof territory. Though keeps it fun despite the over the top gore and violence.

The killers are ridiculous but clearly could have each gotten their own films and been the slashed du-jour.

It's nice to see some 1980's stalwarts in cameos and supporting roles. That makes this feel a bit more comfortable.

It offers an interesting dynamic in the characters who really help the film move along and keep the audience interested in the events.

The film unfortunately is rather weak as far as a horror film, but definitely a fun film full of energy and for fans of the genre. That offers up genuine surprises and twists on what is expected.

The film fills out the whole checklist of what is expected in these types of film even a sex scene and some nudity.

The film touches on some ideas like kids being so desensitized to violence they believe the deaths and carnage they are witnessing is fake and fake looking compared to the movies.

The film could have developed into How times have changed and it takes more to impress audiences these days and generally scare them. And also implied maybe that so called normal people have more violent, sock and depraved imaginations than the actual psychos.

In the scene where the two women are fighting in the bathroom. The killer (Obviously based on Harley Quinn) and the sexpot, It is obvious how upset the sexpot is when her face is cut having her win the fight with all Of her anger until the end she. She actually netter her fate would have been stronger if it seemed like her death was more accidental.

There are plenty of times the film is inspired, but seems to drop it to stay more predictable.

The character of the idiot deputy who is more of a comic relief. (Think Procter from the POLICE ACADEMY movies) Really Changes throughout the film as by the end he is a shadow of his characterization from the beginning and more In Demand and quite the action hero. As he seems to get smarter the deeper into danger they all get. Though being the writer of the film I am sure helped him to pick the more enticing supporting role also to let him take heroic turns with the character while also being the comedic relief when needed

Having a cast member that was a regular cast member on a nickelodeon show VICTORIOUS Michael Eric Reid. Makes the film seem more macabre to a degree. As a funny more innocent world or actor you would see more as an innocent in projects. Though in this more adult violent world offers more of an impact when that character is terrorized, hurt or dismembered. Especially when dispatched in such an over the top way.

As I am sure his name and casting might have added to the audience of the film. And serve as It might actually offer a highlight for those who are not fans of his. Or parents whose kids made them sit through the show that he was on.

Jere burns looks like his smile is plastered on. Makes him gently resemble a human Halloween pumpkin. Which actually makes his character even more scary.

Though the group realization scene that all of what they are seeing is real is actually very effective.

Having a survivor who we meet briefly early in the film or never before be a supporting character throughout and part of the main ensemble. Helping the kids to survive is a great addition. Might have even been stronger if they were the only cast member to survive until the end.

Raising the strength of some killers to be superhuman seems to be a bit too much, but strangely fits right in. As the characters are more slashers. as serial killers seek to enjoy the hunt and the work as sexual satisfaction. Here the slashers just seem to do it for fun and out of habit. Some of the killers are given more short shrift.

Though it does offer a humorous compulsion to where it could have gone.

The film has so much going for it and ideas it just seems the follow through is sometimes weak, but strong in inspiration especially the ending which matches the films dark humor and heart. as the film offers enough realistic reactions to violence and killings such as throwing up, nausea, panic, getting sickened, going into shock.

As always the cops showing up at the end after all of it is over. Though Still offering a final death that is shocking


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