Saturday, October 15, 2016


Call it something manufactured, call it strategic. I would like to call it corporate, but even in between all the dollar signs I see something spiritual. If you allow it. Maybe I am just looking for it or something to make it deeper than it is.

The beauty of Star Wars is watching what can be made with such a simple idea. Success, A whole universe was created birthed from the imagination of George Lucas who controlled it, but allowed others to take the ball and roll with it under his guidance and inspired so many to create themselves as well as contribute and help complete or add to that universe and further the adventures be characters. It had been that influential and powerful. As it tied into so many people's personal experiences and what they want to be. If a single Idea can be that powerful. Imagine what yours could do.

If anything those films and stories reinforce the strongest thing there is in the universe that everything is powered by even love. An element called faith. Overall those movies teach a faith in yourself. That powers everything in the world from us to animals and even in organisms. (After all they have a job to do and their life is all they know) The films are powered by faith in vision and yourself to create. In the films faith helps change he world and defeat evil and tiernay.

Have faith and belief in yourself

The greatness you can aspire for is In Your hands.

You might Not see it in this film, but you can see it somewhere in something you care about or love. Maybe back to the future? Lord of the rings?
One thing that instantly grabs us is that the world while futuristic and different. It has a worn in look and world that shows there is more to it, but also still Manages to amaze us. As it reminds us in places we love we might take for granted, but there are others and tourists who will look at the same places and be amazed.

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