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Written & Directed By: Nancy Myers 
Cinematography By: Stephen Goldenblatt 
Editor: Robert Leighton 
Production Design: Kristi Zea 

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Robert DeNiro, Rene Russo, Linda Lavin, Anders Holm, Zack Pearlman, Jason Orley, Adam DeVine, Andrew Rannells, Celia Weston, Nat Wolff

A retired 70-year-old widower, Ben, is bored with retired life. He applies to a be a senior intern at an online fashion retailer and gets the position. The founder of the company is Jules Ostin, a tireless, driven, demanding, dynamic workaholic. Ben is made her intern, but this is a nominal role - she doesn't intend to give him work and it is just window dressing. However, Ben proves to be quite useful and, more than that, a source of support and wisdom. Another film by Nancy Myers that showcases that women can be successful and have it all. While showcasing what is important

This film is purely enchanting and pure fantasy with bits of reality thrown in. While I appreciate it as a film that sends a positive message that women can have it all. Career, Family and success. It is so sweet and clean that it plays like a modern day fairy tale. With Robert DeNiro as the magical Godfather (not in a mobster way) as he is basically a perfect character we get to see his personal life, but as he is widows and retired he is always at the ready and bored with his retirement wants something to do and once he begins to work as her intern he knows everything and says the right thing to help her manage her life and move with success. Not only that he has a side romance himself as well as having a direct affect on all those around him in a positive way to be and do good, but also to remake themselves to the better version of themselves. Usually by copying him.

Jack Nicholson was originally Approached for the role. Which would have seemed a nice and different type of role for him.Not as hard edged as we usually see him

Anne Hathaway plays the successful business woman who is married but also seems more married to her business which she started and actually helps take customer service calls on and guarantees the product by checking most orders. Which is sweet but feels like overkill for the audience to like her early on in the film. As when she reacts more aggressive to certain situations we know it is because she is under pressure and doesn't mean it. She goes above and beyond in the role. As she is just so like able, but also a character you can identify with. Even if some of her problems come off more as trivial.

Supposedly Anne Hathaway got the role after previous actresses attached to the project Tina Fey and Then Reese Witherspoon dropped out. Though I will admit they both seem more age appropriate for the role. As Hathaway always still seems to come off as too young.

The film eases along breezily and though it might have it's hard to believe moments. The drunk chauffeur just quitting and never to be seen. Seems more a matter of convenience. As do half the scenes, but it works within the films presentation.

Directed by Nancy Myers who brought us BABY BOOM another film about a successful businesswoman who eventually achieves it all. This isn't a repeat but a look at a situation that has similarities, but is totally different. BABY BOOM seemed more dependent of it's time and somewhat more serious. This film seems more cute and sweet like sugar. Not as hard edged.

The film will win over an audience easily as it isn't offensive and quite funny at times. Far from raunchy but definitely more for adults. The film flies by so fast that you can't believe it's over and that so much went down throughout.

As the film unravels it feels more like reading a book the. Watching a movie. As we learn about the characters and situations the plot becomes less clear as we get swept up more in the day to day lives and motivations of the characters. Watching as they change and affect each other.

The film also tries so hard for us in the audience to like Anne Hathaway's character that it feels overbearing at times. They want us to believe her as this strong businesswoman but then make her character seem so fragile. That she needs the confirmation Instilled in her by Robert DeNiro's character constantly during the film. Though the film seeks to paint this you can have and do it all mentality. Which I will admit is nice, but leaves us with an ending that is rather weak though it is happy. It is barely satisfactory. The film doesn't need a big grand ending. It's just sown thing where it feels more revealing would have been nice. As the film then just seems to settle.

The film tries to throw curveballs that are exciting, but seem more necessary for the story to keep continuing as once in awhile the story actually needs conflict as things keep going so well throughout. Without them this would be pure wish fulfillment with no depth. Not that there is too much in the first place.

One of the films strengths as usual is the quirky colorful characters we meet inside the office. That are used just enough to get laughs out of them And their situations. While weaving them into the story. Even though we mainly stay with our stars. Though that these supporting characters are cast with recognizable actors in mind. As two thirds of the main cast of the television show WORKAHOLICS are in the film

It has a great, charming script that gets it's chance to make it's observations and points more comedic ally then abruptly in your face. I have to say this is one of the more enjoyable Nancy Myers films that I have seen in quite a while. Though as always recently this film is filled with architecture and room design porn.

This is a film that is perfectly escapist cinema. That is also a bit of wish fulfillment. It’s sugar though wishes to offer some substance. Though by the end you find yourself perfectly entertained and with a smile on your face. Like a successful first date. Though special mention must be mentioned about the production design. Making New York City and all the locations look beautiful and otherworldly Almost like a fantasy. So that it becomes interior design porn to a degree. Like many recent Nancy Myers films such as THE HOLIDAY,

Though it takes place in the city. It is all so very suburban. As there is also very little diversity amongst the cast, nor through the whole movie.

Grade: B

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