Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Directed By: Ilya Naishuller 
Written By: Ilya Naishuller & Will Stewart 
 Cinematography By: Pasha Kapinos, Vsevolod, Kaptur & Fedor Lyass 
Editor: Steve Mirkovich 
Composer: Darya Charusha 

Cast: Sharito Copley, Haley Bennett, Tim Roth, Danila Kozlovsky, Darya Charusha

Henry is resurrected from death with no memory, and he must save his wife from a telekinetic warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers.

Almost entirely shot using GoPro Hero3 Black Edition cameras.

This film is a takeaway as this is totally escapist entertainment that leads you around. While you don't have to really think. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. That is all it seeks out to do and dazzle you with it's camerawork. As it seems more an experience than a film.

Crazy as the film gets we go with it as that is he only thing that makes sense. We go along because we have to, to advance.

The film feels like it could be a CRANK sequel only here more of a conspiracy espionage with an otherworldly seeming villain. Who looks lien a combination of various villains in cobra from the G.I. JOE cartoon series.

The film is energetic and ultra violent. Though luckily the film never feels real it always feels like a fantasy. An over the top one. Like those CRANK movies it tries to out do itself and the audiences expectations. Though with less sex and more violence. Though just as cartoonish.

Though here more comedic and more a male bonding buddy film of sorts. As we really get to know Sharito Copley's character(s) as he seems to play most of the supporting characters.

The film offers a visual thrill that seems like it would be best viewed on the big screen as it offers more of an experience rather than just something to look at. Like the films of Terrence Malik.

Through ultimately this film can come off more as a gimmick or a different way to experience cinema. As artificial as technical additions of 3D or IMAX. Of course this goes more along the lines of P.O.V. Shooter games with more of a story. Though the film leaves the audience with less interaction and no control. So that while fun to watch it's like experiencing the demo of a cool video game that you can't control. So it has the excitement but. It necessarily the payoff.

The problem is with not actually being in control is actually what the hero is fighting against though the film feels free to make the audience that way. Which is like watching the preview of a game, only. Ever being able to play.

Though we go get to learn as her does and the film stays unpredictable and unfiltered though by the end we get so used to it. So the tit starts to feel ordinary and basic by the halfway mark.

The film feels like around footage film only more interactive and is reminiscent of the film VICTORIA. So it isn't exactly original. Even though that film was more interested in storytelling, suspense and composure. While being more touching and keeping it's Composure. While staying subtle. It felt more elegant, while it was more concerned about story telling while taking place all in one unending take throughout. This film Comes off more as an extended virtual reality experience.

It also has the bad ass attitude and flair for the extreme as those CRANK movies instead we witness more as if we were Jason Statham's character in those movies. Only here we don't really have an action hero actor to stand in. The audience is the hero experiencing all these scenarios and situations as the hero. Acting how we would like to think we would In That situation and practically being indestructible.

We do keep running into Sharito Copley as our guide of sorts in many different disguises that seem to express the same purpose as he seems to be a power up always coming into save the day and give the hero a power up or help reveal more of the story to us. As our guide. As he seems like he is enjoying himself in these roles as he gets to wear disguises and act them out.

To add to the video game experience as the film goes along the challenges get bigger and the enemies tougher and multiply. We also get to use different weapons. We are the main character so we get to live an adventure.

Before this film, writer and director Ilya Naishuller made several music videos for his Russian punk rock band "Biting Elbows". The videos were shot in the same style: Fast paced, first person perspective action videos.

The film has a novel idea that feels like rock n roll cinema going for the extreme. Throwing away the rules. While quietly abiding by them. Before this film, writer and director Ilya Naishuller made several music videos for his Russian punk rock band "Biting Elbows". The videos were shot in the same style: Fast paced, first person perspective action videos.

The film has a cynical attitude though fun while it lasts.

As watching it on a smaller screen showcases the stunt more then being or at least feeling interactive.

I only wish it was a more original experience, but while different and inspired it still wasn't revolutionary.

As always at the heart of the film is a love story only here it is more jaded.

The plot in the end comes down to concerning soldier who will keep doing the same mission that he was created and programmed to do. Thinking he made a difference only to go through it all over again, but with the same feelings and result. Just like a video game character who we play every time we start the game and does the same no matter who he controls and even though we can save the game. Once off when we turn it on goes back to the beginning. Now imagine that as a life. That is how this characters existence is supposed to be.

If I had seen this in the theater I know it would have made me sick or definitely left me with a headache. As everything is used to a dizzying effect not necessarily in a good way.

This film is more pure ID. Not the action extravaganza as expected. But still fun enough

Grade: C+

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