Tuesday, July 5, 2016


With all the popularity of zombies. No one has ever answered the question. Do they ever get full? If they do does that defeat their purpose?

Notice you never see too many overweight one’s?

It’s not like it is coming out in the normal digestive system. Sure their stomach and intestines might burst.

If they do get full. Do they just wander menacingly. As it never appears that hey might starve. So is it a mission it are they just greedy?

Maybe an autonomic behavior?

I refuse to go the easy route and consider it an eating disorder. As their seems to be no diet except they refuse to eat animals but not meat.

Then Again depends who you go by or which franchise you choose to follow as far as rules and laws

Though if we did go by the eating disorder they are more bullemic, though I think most would want an anorexic zombie attacking them.

The zombies also seem to know not to eat one another maybe they need warm meat and has to still be alive even though they keep munching after death.

What’s worse is that they seems to believe in working together as a community bit become greedy as soon as there is something to share immediately become single minded and selfish

I refuse to ask the obvious question as to why or what are their purposes. As that can be argued By better minds.

It just seems that their main objection is to feast. I guess you can see why they are always hungry as even when they are eating it’s always all teeth no hands and they seem to have little time to enjoy it as you always have a group or seems more like nibbling. I guess also they know they are helping to create a new meme wrong the team and that might be kind of awkward once they wake up and you are supposed to be teammates.

Then again maybe the main objection is like invasion of the body snatchers, to add to the team recruit new members. Though I wonder what happens once there is no one left alive?

I guess if they get full there is no need to go on unless again totally gluttonous and have food just spilling literally from their guts. Which one would think attract their brethren to then eat that guy as he has all the good stuff though they seem to not be cannibalistc against their own troops.

I realize they don’t think. Though use natural instincts. Though I wonder why they know to just try and eat. If they are so hungry is it hair natural.

As in some films they can actually starve. Which puzzles me as they are already dead so do they need love humans as like their survival fuel. Though nothing else can kill them their appetite can as it needs to be replenished constantly? It can’t revitalize their body as none of it is working anyway even though strangely eyes do. And they don’t even need to breathe. A sad sight would be so embody trying to drown or strangle a zombie. Go ahead picture it the comedy we merited itself in that situation.

We are lead to believe they don’t think but once. You destroy their head or brain or even seperate it from the body they expire. Though depends whose franchise you follow as in some zombie films the parts still work individually. Even after decapitation.

They are literally physical as they always screech in pain no matter what so trying to figure out how much damage you have done will have to clearly be visual as the moaning in pain is just their regular m.o. And not a good gage on how much more you need to defeat them.

I know this has gotten away for the initial question, but it's like a can of worms one question at the heart of the matter. Leads to so many others that challenge and question not only the existence but known knowledge of the institution.

I Remember when zombies were all cut and dry. Before they became franchises and cause led me to raise these questions.

It’s like The scariest part of THE WALKING DEAD… The Smell The horror, the horror of little to no hygiene. I understand survival But…

And what is up with the weather. There are like no seasons and it always seems hot. Which doesn’t help me think of anything but the smell.

I fear this question will never get answered. I guess off to formulate questions about werewolves before they become the new hit thing.

Ghosts never had this problem they have such a wider berth

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