Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Written & Directed By: Takia Waititi 
Based On the book by: Barry Crump 
Cinematography By: Lachlan Milne 
Editor: Tom Eagles, Luke Haigh & Yana Gorskaya 

Cast: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Rima Te Wiata, Rachel House, Rhys Darby, Tioreore Ngati-Melbourne, Cohen Holloway, Oscar Knightly, Stan Walker, Takia Waititi

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.

When it comes to the films of director, Takia Waititi. I love that despite not being a fan of his first film. Which I remember parts of it fondly, but disliked as a whole. Though he is in good company as I felt the same way about Paul Thomas Anderson and now will most likely see anything they put out on the big screen. As the strength of thief visions demands it to be best appreciated. They quite often leave me spellbound

Taika Waititi it is a director who has grown on me I like his films as they are wacky, dry and subtle. They have an instantly goofy charm that as you watch by the end feel like powerful chiseled monuments that you know you will kindly return to time to time. As they instantly make you feel young at heart. This is what Steven Spielberg used to do with his ambling movies they just somehow have a power over you. He manages to make his films seem like they are cobbled together but in the end come off as so meticulous.

The movie is surprising yet somewhat predictable with a lot of heart. As the film. Goes along it seems simple and cold but it grows on you, That you more than Enjoy your time with the characters and being In this world.

It’s a coming of age, Culture comedy and adventure tale all in one.

Even the so called villains are somewhat likeable and hilarious as they seem so off-center and ineffective but are the driving force against our two leads.

This has got to be my favorite Sam Neill performance ever, at least since JURRASSIC PARK and ESCAPE PLAN. Maybe, it's his more older rugged charm that shines through and comes off as more natural for him.

The film feels like a build your own adventure film. It reminds one of the times when kids were the stars of their own films and it seemed like you could be. Naive teenager but also be the most sensible character In the film. The films would allow the characters particularly children to possibly get hurt and be in danger and not look neglectful or be too big of a deal. It went along with the territory. Where every child didn't need to be coddled and be in the vicinity of safety every five seconds. It makes today's kids films lack a certain readiness and danger as they can't take chances.

The film is rural but even has some pop culture references. A dog named Tupac for instance and even though it is a cat sweater Bella wears. I thought at first it was a sweater modeled on the poster for the cult Japanese film HOUSE. Which would have made it a sly reference.

The beauty of the film so that in so many scenes heart and humor comes about so simply bad from unexpected places. As the film remains a culture clash though we go from civilization to the crazy aspects of the woods.

Rima Te Wiata’s Character Bella is the heart of the film truly as with her the movie and characters come together as she sets an example of what we believe one character is, then throughout the film. We find out more to what shaped her personality and existence. So that we truly get to see layers and the building blocks to them. She also set’s the story in motion by volunteering to adopt Ricky in the first place. As she places her faith in what she see’s in people not necessarily what they show.

The film makes you feel like you are on an adventure with the characters because just as they don't try never know what will happen or pop up next and we are constantly in Their company and know their past together. -It is generally a film he whole family can watch together and no matter what age group enjoy the film. As it has spent Hong for everyone and above all a gruff sweetness

Grade: B+

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