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Now while you now I am an old school movie fan. I was raised in the movies and sweets by all aspects. Including refreshments or "Popcorn Food" as one of my friends has coined the term. As far back as I remember, I usually enjoyed refreshments at the theater sometimes brought from home. Though usually bought at the refreshment stand. I guess I was nice fancy like that. I remember my father's favorite was peanut m & m's.

My mom, no matter what doesn't consider it a movie experience unless there is popcorn. Sometimes even requesting when I go to movies to bring her some home. Which is more difficult then you can imagine.

Even now when i am trying to eat and be more healthy. I find myself time to time getting pop-corn. Though I also flirt with the more modern non-traditional snacks or meals that have popped up in theaters. Such as chicken tenders. Usually when I go with someone else I might share some of their snacks. Which usually is something like nachos or bunch a crunch. I can even admit to at times illegally procuring contraband such as a sandwich or salad into the theater. Though I will admit more in the past not necessarily currently. I have learned my lesson. Even though I worked at a theater and after, iI soured on eating anything from the refreshment stand. Out of taste and budget. I still think refreshments are too expensive at times at the theater. So I regard them as a special treat or prize at times to be earned. My time at theater did give me a taste for pretzel bites.

Now a days I went through the icee phase or what to me is commonly known as a slurpee. Like in 7-11 though became disparaged with the lack of choice of flavor and also the weakening of my stomach it seems over the years when it comes to them. Truth be told as the rise of more 7-11's which were rare in my neck of the woods of New York City growing up and also the rise of places like Jamba Juice. Smoothies and slurpee's are more a available for non movie theater activities. So my passion and desire has gone for them as special also. Though instill have a weakness for a fruit smoothie time to time while watching a film. All of this to say that certain theaters ha to go to have extraordinary snacks or noteworthy popcorn and I decided to make a short list of theaters whose concession stand choices that I not only appreciate but enjoy when I can.


Like the Alamo drafthouse they offer actual meals during the films. Now while I haven't actually physically gone to this theater yet. (Nor the drafthouse) I have enjoyed their refreshments at an outdoor movie event. The popcorn I tried was like flavored and another was tipped with truffle butter. Now while the one with the truffle butter does taste salty it is so good at least to my palette. Making this to me, so far THE BEST POPCORN IN NEW YORK. Then again I am new to the party with this theater. Let's see what I have to say after going there a few more times.


This is my second pick. Not only because I had the vegetarian dumplings here once, but also their popcorn is already delicious and you get free flavoring to put on it. Anything from cinnamon to garlic. It is In Powder form. Down other theaters offer it, but usually make you pay. Though some like this are free and the over theater that offers this is actually my next pick

  BOW TIE CINEMAS 23rd street City Chelsea Cinemas

Much like a love except not as big of a choice of non-popcorn related items. This is more the traditional refreshment stand. As well as changing over the years from more a traditional blockbuster multiplex. To attempting to lure the art crowd with more midnight screenings and exclusive first runs as well as film festival screenings. This theater always was note worthy before as being a multiplex with some of the smallest theaters. It is also or at lest used to be a particular favorite of movie and one of my closest friends. I remember seeing GALAXY QUEST and THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND here. It also has plenty of resterant and fast food choices outside. Close in vicinity as all these theaters do. This one just seems overpowered by them. The next two Theaters have more traditional refreshment stands but their popcorn tastes better at least to me over the more traditional multiplexes




Yes boy art theaters. Their pop corn doesn't taste as heart attack inducing. Though it might also help that i don't add butter to my popcorn. Only when I am going to a movie with someone do I usually add butter, at their requests. Then again i don't really get popcorn when alone. As I usually go to these theaters alone. The other theaters I frequent are more due to the films Playing as their refreshments all tend to be the same to me.

The only difference are that some offer more then the usual fare. Like pizza, coffee, curly fries, chicken fingers (which seems to be the most popular and on the come up in popularity) etc. I won't bore you with all the others I frequent.

Though I will say still to this day some of the best theater experiences is still at the...


It was an experience. The theater has a single screen. They still have the rising of the curtain. Velvet seats and classical and classic French music before the film. Hey usually play art and foreign films. Sometimes you want to feel like you are spending a night on the town. Not to mention i like any place or experience where they can make what seems to be average and simple, classy. the only thing I seen to miss Out on though maybe for the better is drinking at the movies. I have never had a cocktail during or before a film. Sometimes after. It is still an experience I am gearing up for in the future that seems so simple. Yet is taking so long. Amongst other activities there and in life also.

Remember this isn't a round up of my favorite theaters, but i might be inclined to do one specifically for that.if this goes over well

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