Friday, August 7, 2015


Directed By: Josh Stolberg 
Written By: Josh Stolberg & Nick Travella 
Cinematography By: Michael Fimognari 
Editor: Byron Wong 

Cast: Raleigh Holmes, Steven Weber, Lori Loughlin, Jonathan Silverman, Sterling Beaumon, Nicole Moore, Paul James, David Koechner
The Gates family dream house turns quickly into a nightmare when their life is disturbed by the deranged previous owner who plots to retake his home and the Gates children for his own - hiding in the house attic and methodically taking out all those that stand in his way.

This is supposedly a loose remake or inspired by the 1985 film of the same title starring Klaus Kinski.

I have never seen the original but I would say this still seems like the sanitized version of the film. As at first I felt like this film was a TV movie It has the cast and other hallmarks of one. Direction and production values also.

Truly other then the violence a bit of language as a surprising sex scene with nudity. Those are truly the only dirty things in the film.

The film is predictable and ridiculous. Luckily for Lori Loughlin and Jonathan Silverman the film focuses on the kids and Steven Weber's character.

The film honestly tries to bring chills and thrills to the film as it employs the second hand scare. Where when you expect something to jump out and scare you then the moments passes and t doesn't then you expect once they have grand composure and feel safe for the reveal. Then nothing so then when least expecting it they don't see the scare but we in the audience do. For instance one scene where ice is spilled and the character is cleaning it up the camera follows her picking it up then away. The character never looks away bit we keep seeing the killer in the background standing, watching and getting closer.

Now of course there are plenty of leaps of faith we have to take with the film as he walks around usually in the open and no one ever hears him moving. I understand he always knows where to hide as he has he layout of the place but it I a little too easy for him to root around.

The ending of this film is the icing on the cake so ridiculous bough you know what will happen. That of course it leaves itself open for a sequel. Though unbelievably so.

I was shocked to see David Koechner in the film in such a small role. Almost like it was a favor.

I will admit that I always find Steven Weber interesting as an actor. He is like john stamps a nice enough actor and presence, who is good looking. Who found fame on television Though always trying to prove himself as a character actor. Especially in films. He also seems to age slowly and gracefully bit has a sense of humor about himself. He reminds me of Jeff Fahey. Where you wonder why they aren't more well known.

Jonathan Silverman is a character actor who I recognize more from television and comedic roles. Happy to see him still working. He always appealed to me as a Matthew Broderick type actor. Though with a more manic comedic edge. So here him playing in a thriller is a bit off. Always a pleasure to see Miss Loughlin. Who seems to get more attractive with age. Though she has a film resume. I have seen her more in television roles. So while she does what is required here. It is a bit shocking to see her on the big screen and in a more adult oriented film and role. Then we in the audience are used to. Even though she was in the teen film SECRET ADMIRER with a lot of sex and nudity and bad language. Only just like here her character wasn’t involved in any of it personally.

The film is entertaining in a bad way. For instance they realize they have a home intruder or someone stalking them they have the great idea to invite the daughters boyfriend to spend the night? Why?

To me the most shocking aspect was the sex scene with the babysitter. Most films wouldn't show the scene they would him with sounds ad shots of the aftermath. here they show it so that it brings an exploitive quality to the film. Though I will admit it is the films one venture into bad taste. Though the lead up to that scene all bit guarantees a death. It should also be noted the actress playing the babysitter looks more like she would be an offspring to Lori Loughlin then the actress who does.

I find this film stale trashy fun, though if you are looking for good quality I would advise to skip this film.

Grade: D+

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