Friday, July 10, 2015


Directed By: Jonathan Glendening 
Written By: Pat Higgins & Phillip Barron 
Cinematography By: David Meadows 
Editor: Richard Colton 

Cast: Adele Silva, Barbara Nedeljkova, Lysette Anthony, Billy Murray, Martin Compston, Sarah Douglas, Martin Kemp, Robert Englund. Ali Bastain, Simon Phillips, Alan ford, Steven Berkoff, Rita Ramnani

When werewolf chief Jack Ferris is accidentally killed in a strip club the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolfpack seek murderous retribution --Now of course I didn't expect this film to be good, I was expecting more campy humor or maybe a spoof at least some exploitation. The film offers all three and is all the worse for it.

It is an intriguing idea that will of course usually appeal to the lowest common denominator or at least audience members looking for something trashy. Like the film ZOMBIE STRIPPERS.

The problem with this horror/comedy is that it seeks to be more of a comedy then a horror film and most of the time it's unfunny. So as it is set in more a horror universe that seems to be used as the perimeter. So while here is violence the gore is kept to a certain low standard and as that is on low supply. We are given much more jokes that don't work. That slowly sink this endeavor. The humor just doesn't seem to gel or connect, be it bad timing or that the joke is not explored in the right way. Or the set-up is miscalculated, Or It's just bad jokes.

There are some good ideas and some actual funny ones. That strangely rarely seem to connect.

The film tries to hide it's lower budget by constantly having scenes be sketched or be sketches hand drawn. That make up some of the action, the effects and even the nudity. Sure there is live action of this all, but it is in small doses. Usually the werewolves peeping on women or a scene of a female victim being played with running slowly topless as the werewolves chase corner then let her go only to start all over again. It also shows in that the two main villains don't really morph or change into werewolves until the final scenes. While the rest of the crew does as little as possible. Except for one member who is a werewolf always, but only comes out for search and destroy missions.

The film sets a man vs women tone throughout as all the werewolves seem to be alpha males and have a certain hatred of women. Don't even seem too keen on then sexually. Most of their victims are usually women and seem to be more merciless and vicious with them. Even the character that links the two worlds, who is supposed to be conflicted over what to do. Shows himself to be more ruthless in the beginning. So that there is no doubt where his aliegence lies. Which also becomes a problem later in the film where as when two characters who cared for one another. Become vicious enemies way too fast, with no love lost and none actually shown after a certain point. At least with lingering feelings there could have been some mystery and questions. Instead keeping with the tone I guess it stays straight forward.

Even though there is a lack of nudity, almost every female cast member is scantily clad. Most of the female cast is attractive and you can tell who are going to be the ones who last longer then others.

The two standouts in the cast are the actors who play the cool goth stripper with an attitude and her on/off again boyfriend who is a nervous wreck and very awkward though is a supernatural hunter who she feels is only lying to make himself sound cooler. They are both hilarious and can only wish that they were in a better film.

The action scenes are barely passable.

Though i can understand attacking and ripping victims apart. in werewolf mode they also seem to be a bit cannibalistic. That is never fully explained, why?

The ending is open ended so that if it was successful they leave room for a sequel. Which I doubt will happen. It is just disturbing how they try to explain away certain details and set up a villain for a sequel.

Looking at the title of the film. You know what you are going to get and what to expect. While the film lives up to it's title it does so in a more disappointing way. It's a curiosity that has promise, but by the end can see it being disappointed for everyone who even mint be interested. Though I can say there is a bit of fun. Though in very low quantity. It is a nice try though. The film also seems to rely on getting familiar faces from genre films to fill out the cast, but more or less play small roles or cameos to bulk up the names for the poster

Grade: D

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