Thursday, July 30, 2015


Directed By: Brea Grant 
Written By: Brea Grant & Vera Miao 
Cinematography By: Michelle Lawler 
Editor: Jacob Chase & Amy McGrath 

Cast: Brea Grant, Vera Miao, Sean Maher, Glenn Powell, Constance Wu, Kit Harrington

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a clever dark comedy and sci-fi horror movie, combining equal parts heartfelt road trip buddy film and apocalyptic disaster story, with two badass girls. Harriet, a perpetually optimistic comic-book artist, dreams of escaping her past in Los Angeles and hits the road for a new life in Austin, Texas. She drags Reba her seemingly devil-may-care BFF, along for the ride. After nuclear bombs explode in four cities, the girls are forced to ask: When faced with the end of the world - what is most important to you?

The film (shot in Super 16mm) manages to keep it's quirk throughout and that is really the films strength. As it goes through the motions it stays in it's original vision, never coloring too far outside the lines. It might not be sharp or fill in all the details, yet it stays clear in it's emotions and spirit. That remains it's own and independent.

While the film starts off typical and light it remains that way as there are signs of more serious situations going on around them. That become heavy yet the film keeps a light spirit until the third act when the film gets majorly serious, but still even when it falls into genre trappings. It manages to spin them so that they feel charmed to a certain extent.

I can say this film isn't for everyone, but manages to be quite entertaining for it's running time. Mainly due to the two leads who also co-wrote the film and directed it. They are very appealing and tell you all you need to really know about the characters through their introductions in the opening scene. One is serious yet quirky, the other reckless and care free but fun. These are women you either have known or want to hang out with. I am glad the leads went out and made product to match and challenge their skills. As he film already feels warm and like a labor of love, that is determined. Yet not shouting and directing the audience on How to feel.

At least the film starts off simple and light and gets serious along the way, but even as it gets dark and deep it still maintains a goofy charm. That makes the audience can’t help but fee and fall for the leads. It has the typical trappings of a road movie, only with a twist

The film reminds one of NIGHT OF THE COMET only not as campy or action oriented and probably only a fraction of the budget.

I only wish that the film could have built it's world a bit better and continued with ideas that are introduced though not fully fleshed out or bring up other than a scene or two, never followed up on. Then the film would have felt more fulfilling and complete. The way it is now it has a beginning middle and end. Though not as much meat as it could have had

Grade: C+

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