Saturday, April 4, 2015


Directed By: Dan Golden 
Written By: Duane Whitaker 
Cinematography By: Andrea V. Rossotto 
Editor: John Gilbert 

Cast: Rick Dean, Maria Ford, Lance Guest, Nikki Fritz, George Russo, R.A. Mihailoff, George Tovar, Patric Zimmerman

As Zipper's Clown Palace (a strip bar) closes, Neil wanders in and decides to hold the dancers, bartender, and remaining customers hostage. He torments them with little tasks he wants performed, playing on their weaknesses and relying on his gun for intimidation. Eventually the hostages begin formulating plans to thwart his control. Meanwhile, two policemen are observing the outside of the strip joint, realizing that something's wrong and trying to decide if it's worth ruining their buzz to intervene.

I will admit one of the main reasons I decided to watch this film in the first place is that Mike White's great podcast on iTunes THE PROJECTON BOOTH covered the film and it sounded so interesting I decided to give it a try. I had heard of the film though never knew too much about it. Figuring it to be another skinimax (Cinemax) b movie from the 90's. I wish I could say I was totally off base, though I was a bit off it still managed to stay in the perimeters and be more on base then off.

This film is sleazy, It reminds me of the films that you would find on late night cable and no matter what the film was about you were happy to see nudity and/or a sex scene. These movies were ridiculously plotted at warned over stories thy seem to be there just to have flimsy excuses for the excess of flesh.

This film just puts it in a strip club and then proceeds to just have some scenes of supposedly seductive stripping and sex scenes one in a bad porn that a character is watching (designed to be that way) and another during duress. --The film seems to present gritty as realistic. Though with this film I can't exactly call exploitive as it knows and let's you know exactly what to expect, but the film has so much promise and ideas that it isn't a complete failure.

The lead played by Rick Dean is such an interesting character with sch a strange yet compelling performance you only wish he was in a film that served him better.

As this film has strange mood changes, I don't know of it was trying to go with the leads off balance mental state. At times the story seems to Go for comedy. In the middle of an atrocity. Then it wants to be dramatic, then a Horror story. Then it turns into a pulp tale.

This is an example of a film so bad that it starts to become entertaining. I would say fun but as everything seems so bleak. It never truly achieves that level. Though the ending is abrupt and ridiculous. Strangely It becomes the most entertaining parts of the film.

You expect more or some kind of twist in the end. Then realize it's not coming it is just cut and dry. That simple. Though earlier it tried to throw curve balls.

I only wish it had kept on a certain unpredictability. As though it is in the title this is no typical t & a  flick, though presented as one.

It's like a grindhouse lite film. That almost feels theatrical though through the dialect an rhythm of the streets. Or more sleazy. If it had been more creative in itms language among other things. It might have been noteworthy.

Though all the performances, other then Rick Deans pale in comparison. Though he has much more to work with, Maria Ford comes off as generally innocent. Though Lance Guest as Carey seems to be too much of a cliche and let's his wardrobe and look do too much of the acting for him plus his look and cadence isn't too believable as just a stutterer and shy. He actually seems more mentally handicapped. Suffering from what Robert Downey jr. Warned against To Ben stiller in TROPIC THUNDER going overboard or full Retard. His words not mine.

To me this is a cult film waiting to happen. It's not that good though it seems to strive for more then what it dresses itself up as. The only problem is that while there are some seeds of creativity to be more. It's not that great of expressing an following through on it.

It's a strange film as I want to like it more then I actually did. It was short and I was never bored. Though I probably laughed more then I should have.

Grade: D+

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