Thursday, April 9, 2015


Surely a first world argument and questionable Especially as this is more of a movie blog, but let's face it. Both channels are places where some of us see the films we like and love or hate. It offers you a little randomness like movie roulette.instead of the definite streaming.Watching what you want when you want it.i find it fun at times to randomly catch a film or see one in the middle, that probably previously have seen and get familiar with it again.

When it comes to Showtime vs. HBO it all boils down to their respective television series. As they both produce and present respectable documentaries. While HBO has an edge when it comes to original films. The television shows give HBO the edge and might be why, HBO is looking to go digital and already has those own on demand service. After observing both networks programming recently. While Showtime has shows that are respectable. I have noticed a trend when it comes to their shows. The shows seem more exploitive. They are charged with more sex and shocking subject matter and scenes, that seem like those come first and story and character second. Where as HBO has racy subject matter also though it seems more organic and that it comes from a more honest place that is natural. It also feels like HBO’s sex scenes are presented as normal bit have an emotional aspect. Where as Showtime’s characters seem more sensationalistic and so is the sex though it tries to present it matter of factly. It always feel more like fantasy, no matter how hey try to present it as normal life. It’s like HBO while having more fantasy themed shows. Still the erotica feels more personal and like couple sex. While Showtime’s shows make it more seem like it is one of the only important things in a relationship and in life.

It’s not, not that. Showtime’s shows all seem much more glossy. It’s like Showtime’s programming are slasher films that focus on more of the exploitive elements of the horror genre and act like any introduction of non-convention makes the basic original. Where as HBO shows seem to care about mood, story, character then worry about the other tantalizing aspects. While maintaining it’s own rules and dedication to the genre. Showtime Shows seem more to examine the universal, HBO shows seem to examine the more personal or seem introspective.

For every HOMELAND, THE BIG C, HUFF, and NURSE JACKIE there is CALIFORNICATION, WEEDS and HOUSE OF LIES. Then for HBO you have THE WIRE, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, THE SOPRANOS, GIRLS and LOOKING. Sure you have you how to make it in America and entourage type too, what i am saying drolly is that HBO has more quality to more frivolous shows. Where as showtime seems to have more frivolous compared to quality shows. They appear more dependent on sex appeal. Then creativity. Through growing up showtime had more teen programming when I was at that age.

They both are dedicated to Documentaries and not just original homegrown one's by the channel department. They seek and bring acclaimed Big and small to their networks. Showtime surprisingly goes the more independent and smaller when it comes to advertising documentaries.Where as HBO has the more popular. To me as long as they are presenting and helping showcase them. I am not compalining.

This also might be because showtime seems to always be in HBO’s shadow that they choose programming that could be more racy and garner more viewers. Making showtime seem like a movie studio trying to figure out what viewers want and always trying to be hip. While HBO has more of a vision and because of that integrity manages to always seem cool and caring. Leaving the audience to trust them. --Basically showtime stays sensationalistic

Though it is more telling that HBO seems to have the edge, As they have the go app, on demand (As does showtime) and soon a digital service all their own.

I have my preference, though this seems like one of those arguments that will never be settled as everyone has their own personal favorite like Al Pacino Vs. Robert Deniro. there will never be a clear winner, and even if their was no one will agree on what to base it on.

So why not contemplate and argue about a battle between Million Dollar Bohemeths?

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