Saturday, August 2, 2014


Written & Directed By: Sang-soo Im 
Based On The (Original) Film By: Ki-young Kim 
Cinematography By: Hyung-deok Lee 
Editor: Eun Soo Lee 
Production Design By: Ha-jun Lee 

Cast: Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-Jae lee, Yeo-jeong Yoon, Woo seo, Ji-Young Park

Eun-yi is a playful young woman, a good match for a job as nanny to a precocious child, Nami, the daughter of a wealthy couple, Hae-ra and Hoon. Hae-ra will soon have twins as well. The majordomo, Mrs. Cho, is the household's cold stone center. Before long, Hoon seduces Eun-yi, and when Mrs. Cho tells Hae-ra's mother about the affair, Eun-yi is up against women with wealth, power, and no conscience. Can Eun-yi maintain her dignity and perhaps even put the family in their place?

I will admit I haven't seen the original of this remake. I rented this on a rare whim and have to say I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this film.

The film starts off slow, letting you see the groundwork being layer and settling. As the film goes along it keeps building. Getting more thrilling and detailed.

In fact the beginning feels stilted. Though it tries to begin with a shocking start, but as it goes along it pulls you in and feel more comfortable as you get used to it.

I like the face that this films lead Do-yeon Jeon really isn't portrayed as being that smart. In fact is naive. Which proves to be her downfall. As we watch her get used and exploited. Knowing where it will lead even though she doesn't seem to realize it at all. Even when planning revenge it is so ridiculous that you suspect she is doomed to fail.

The film is more of an ensemble film where each of the females in the cast get a tell tale scene of what their character is all about.

It seems the main character is there more to teach the others a lesson about themselves and to show by contrast how despicable the family is or can be. The film allows all to be three dimensional and fulfill their promise.

The film is strangely erotic. As the film mostly stays reserved in its presentation and mood. Though it gets very sexual with quite a few sex scenes. Where the film shows partial movements but feels sensual and presents itself as taboo breaking.

As the film continues it pulls you in and throws you off. As you never know exactly where it is going and what is going to happen next, but not in a crazy over the top haphazard way. More in a precise, structured way.

It's a movie that while showing not too many emotions, feels very emotional. In fact I would call it more of an emotional thriller, As there is not too much action in the film.

I'm sure the film is an allegory for something else. Even if it is to take a look at the social mood of the country. From which it came that I didn't clue into. It's still a good story that had a domino effect where one little detail ends up running Into another and topping it. Then it runs into another until the end when all falls. Starting little more problems as which by the end have all come gained momentum to create one giant one that hangs over everyone's head.

Grade: A-

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