Sunday, June 22, 2014

RAZE (2013)

Directed By Josh C. Waller 
Written By: Robert Beaucage 
Story By: Robert Beaucage, Kenny Gage & Josh C. Waller 
Cinematography By: Dylan O’Brien 
Editor: Brett W. Bachman 

Cast: Zoe Bell, Tracie Thoms, Bruce Thomas, Doug Jones, Sherilyn Fenn, Rachel Nichols, Rebecca Marshall, Leigh Wannell

A horror/action film, focuses on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.

The film reminds the audience of a 1970's grindhouse film (though not sexually exploitive. Though has a strangely fetishistic vibe) with a kind of futuristic suggestion of a secret strange society. That would have made a greater impact had it been made in the 80’s or 90’s, but now feels like just another film that is either trying to shock us and failing or just plain old exploitive.

The film feels more like a series of fight scenes to titillate watching women gift in tight outfits with a loose crazy plot trying to make it all have some form and sense. Also to try and put some kind of relationships and drama. So that we get to know the characters and add drama to each of the fights. Sort of like how classic porn works with a plot to try to stimulate the drama of the scenes to try to fit more into the vicious particular fantasy.

The 19 action sequences in the film were filmed in 30 days.

While the film has good and brutal fight choreography. It feels cheap in many ways, like it was all done so fast that certain details were forgotten or just rushed over, a quickie.

It's a shame, the films has good actresses who deserve a better film to be in.

As Zoe bell rises to become a stunt woman turned action star. I hope that she finds better material then this and the other films he has recently starred in. I understand She is building her resume and can't be picky.

After watching the film it feels like supposedly enemies of torture porn Feel after watching films like HOSTEL. You feel a certain. Guilt and dirty like you are legitimizing the actions and events of the makers of the film. The villains in it by voluntarily being a witness. A willing participant and accomplice to a degree.

The film often gets violent and brutal. It feels like a series of montages. Unlike a wrestling match the fights are exciting yet quick.

If the film could have found a way to be Interesting or say something other then glorify the violence it might have been noteworthy and feel less like a waste of time. Though I suspect that is the type of film. They set out to make.

Even managing to fit In a cameo by a co-star from the Grindhouse double feature DEATHPROOF. Which two of the films cast me never were In.

Shocked to see Sherilyn Fenn in a film again after so many years. I didn't even recognize her at first though she had been a crush of nor in the 80's

The character of Brenda wears and has too much make-up to make her character believable though along the way you know and suspect exactly whiter is is headed.

I am a fan of half of this cast Tracie Thoms especially and Zoe Bell

I have watched other Zoe bell starring films this was other then DEATHPROOF the only one with promise that actually gave her something to do.


Zoe Bell was not aware of Rosario Dawson's casting and Waller wanted her appearance to come as a surprise.


Tracie Thoms who has never gotten another quite right breakout role that truly let her utilize her talents and the momentum, Her starring role provided. She always bongs an energy and ferocious intensity to her roles. She elevates the material given to her.

I was ready to be repulsed by the whole endeavor until the 3rd act which salvaged it and it's actors a bit. Which really had a chance To say something about it's audience who look to this as entertainment, bit this isn't a type of message more a world probably trying to appeal to a limited audience. 

Grade: F

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