Sunday, June 22, 2014


Written & Directed By: Ron Krauss 
Cinematography By: Alain Marcoen 
Editor:: Marie Helene Dozo & Mark Sult 

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson, James Earl Jones, Ann Dowd, Stephanie Szostak, Emily Meade

A pregnant teenager flees her abusive mother in search of her father, only to be rejected by her dad and forced to survive on the streets until a compassionate stranger offers a hopeful alternative.

If you have ever seen a TV movie you will know what to expect only with rougher edges.

Vanessa Hudgens starts out the film with her performance feeling exactly like that as the film goes along, she finds her footing in the role and gives it her all. Though she gives herself fully to the role throughout. Which so far in her career is the most challenged she has ever been.

There is one shocking scene, bit ends happily in a way you know is coming. You can't argue or fun fault with the way the story goes as it is based on a true story. It is pretty cut and dry. The the flavor of the film comes from the performances. Rosario Dawson in particular playing a ole she has never gone so far Into. Not would you expect her to play a role like it. Damage and vicious she mesmerizes the viewer anytime she is onscreen unfortunately that isn't spot though her character is always a presence in the background like JAWS.

Ann Dowd keeps her success as being one if my favorite recognizable by face not make character actresses (Especially after her performance in COMPLIANCE)

Though it's running time while the character is on her journey we are given a glimpse of her hell and slowly drawn from it. Though as she searches for sunnier horizons. We are given clues to her hardships and dismal life. As her hopes continuously keep being dashed and is scraped up by her past. Slowly those wounds heal and she finds the courage to go forward again and keep walking towards some kind of happiness as beurocracy threaten to never let her rise.

At first the film positions you to totally hate and despise Brendan Fraser's character. Though allows the old rule that sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. As he seems to he one of the few genuine and good characters who Makes wrong decisions, but his heart always seems to be in the right place . Making him feel more three dimensional.

I normally wouldn't watch this film, but I am an admirer of Vanessa Hudgens and her work. As i see her growing into a better actress and captivating screen presence.

It's nice once in awhile to see an uplifting story/film. No matter necessary of quality. Usually only in films with a heavy religious message. Luckily here the film is decent and affecting to a degree. So for me this is my own vanity production fueled by my fascination.

Grade: C

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