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After watching the new Remake/Re-imagining of CARRIE the nicest thing i can say about the film is i wasn't bored. I have noticed especially with a extended preview of the upcoming reboot of ROBOCOP.

That while the originals were hard to swallow we could look at them in amazement as they were so good they made us forget the ridiculous nature of the premises and got lost in the fantasies that they brought forth. It probably helped that these originals were watched when we were kids and still had the sense of wonder and being open to new ideas. We also didn't have the instant information thanks to the internet so the news was entertainment tonight, magazines and what your friend or cousin saw or heard.

Now we watch the reboots where they update things and change some of it around but still are like greatest hits of the original. Maybe they appeal to those who feel the originals are outdated and refuse to watch them, Thier loss saying films like TOTAL RECALL are wack and they have only watched the remake version.

Don't forget these films were also made in the early part of these filmmakers career and actually put them on the map to be the talented filmmakers they are today. Unfortunately we aren't getting that kind of talent behind the camera instead we get. Filmmakers of little experience who are being told by a studio what to do. So all the notes that the original probably would have then are now actually being executed.

When some remakes work usually as they truly are re-imaginings paying homage to the original, but telling their own tale. That is the reason they work as they can be seen as a companion piece not an out and out remake. Then the studio try and the differences are messy and problematic. DAWN OF THE DEAD

One other reason why these remakes don't work say what you want about effects.Sure some of the films we are discussing have dated effects, but they certainly look better as practical effects. Rather then some of the digital effects we have now that allow grand effects, visions, worlds, landscapes that couldn't be done before. They also look very fake almost animated which can truly take you out of the film.

The problem is when you watch the remakes as you know what is going to happen. Not only are there no surprises by they are so disappointing that they expose what was so ludicrous about the originals plots and stories in the first place. Making them seem silly and sometimes downright stupid. Luckily for those of us lucky enough to see the originals we still can be nostalgic about the memory and the skill put forth by the filmmakers. In fact the only plus side to it all is that they cause the originals to be re-released on dvd/Blu-ray with updated picture and sound.

I understand why we keep getting remakes as studio executives probably do like the originals and think they can make it better and more open. Also when it comes to putting things into production, it's easier to do a remake and if it doesn't work.You can't take full responsibility as an exec explaining "It worked the first time. How was i to know no one wanted to see WEEKEND AT BERNIES remade." It is just depressing when you hear of how many original films get cancelled to make remakes instead. Usually to appeal to a bigger demographic as most of these remakes end up as PG-13 films so kids can see them without an adult. Which is funny because these films they are remaking usually were Hard Rated R and even as kids we all saw them and they gained enough popularity to get cartoon series and toys and now with kids so advanced. Now the studios worry and want to sanitize these films.

Just like rarely these days when a foreign film is remade into english language, not only is it rarely good, but does it rarely survive what made it so special. Even with the original foreign director making the film again. Remember a copy of a copy is never as sharp as the original.

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