Sunday, September 30, 2012


Directed By: Rupert Sanders Written By: Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock & Hossein Amini Screen Story By: Evan Daugherty Cinematography By: Greig Fraser Editor: Conrad Buff IV & Neil Smith Cast: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Eddie Marsan, Nick Frost, Toby Jones, Ian McShane, Lily Cole Snow White, imprisoned daughter of the late king, escapes just as the Magic Mirror declares her the source of the Evil Queen's immortality. The Queen sends her men, led by a local huntsman, to bring her back. But upon her capture, the huntsman finds he's being played and turns against the Queen's men, saving Snow White in the process. Meanwhile, Snow's childhood friend, William, learns that she is alive and sets off to save her. The battle scenes are spectacular, but really feel rather basic not too revelatory for the budget amd scope. The film has plenty of amazing special effects, but also some obvious Cgi tht unfortunately taints the whole endeavor. Still it leaves the film looking beautiful. The film Doesn't build excitement. Things just seem to happen. At times it feels like a sequel to THE LION, THE WITCH ANDTHE WARDROBE. I can understand that the film wants to look like a storybook. The director seems to set out to tell the story more visually. Especially since as a world known fairytale. We know the basics so the filmmakers seek to add and tweak details. While staying true to the originals basics. Charlize Theron is really making her presence felt, With this film YOUNG ADULT and PROMETHEUS. She is really on a roll. She is good and perfectly cast in the role of the main villian. Kristen Stewart does alright, but during the first half of the movie requires her to act just like she does inthe TWILIGHT series of films. More of a victim with wide eed and mouthed wonder. Look worried and run. Basically being a damsel in distress. Thankfully towards the second half of the film. She turns into a warrior princess. It feels fake, unimpressive and forced. The film just feels empty. No real emotional attachment to anything or anyone. It's shallow looks great but is empty inside and has nothing to say nor anythingto present or add. It also feels way too long. Viggo Mortensen Almost played the huntsman and would have been well cast, but his deal fell through and HughJackman was sought as his replacement before Chris Hemsworth fresh off of thor was offered the role. He plays the role well but he feels like a starter action hero. He's charismatic but hasn't gotten the power of a convincing lead yet thatmakes you stand up and pay attention. Though he is the hero, the brute hero. He seems pushed tothe background to Kristen Stewart maybe the film was more aimed at women with action to pull in the male viewers. The film costs $170 million. Has no real reason to be made. The film tries for an action epic. The seven dwarfs were impressive as far as effects go halfof them we know as human normal sized actors, But the effects make them totally believable as dwarfs. Unfortunately this film marks Bob Hoskins final performance due to sickness and wanting to spend more time with his family. It seems to me that getting roles like this at this time in his long successful career and more the experience of making the film changed his outlook and enthusiasm for his work. In the end the film feels very Disposable GRADE: D+


  1. Charlize Theron was the best thing about this movie. Here's what I had to say about it over on IMDb:

    Snow White and the Huntsman had good visuals. And for the first half-hour, I was with it. I went in with much trepidation, but I thought, "okay, I can see where this is going". ...but as the movie went on it got worse and worse, straying further and further from any variant of the true storyline. Then it stopped making sense. Suddenly, it was a remake of Princess Mononoke. suddenly we're dealing with pagan magic and talking deer spirits. And then we get the incomprehensible third act where this Snow White is Joan of Arc and charges the castle with an army! The point of Snow White is that a lovely young woman is buried by jealousy and raised by love. It's not about swords and castle-sieges. The dwarves had no real reason to be in the movie (and why are they always thieves these days?). And how is it that the Queen managed to kill off every invading soldier EXCEPT for the huntsman? Come on!

    I found Snow White saying the Lord's Prayer in the beginning to be very out of place, especially since the film was going to go all pagan later on. Better to just avoid Christendom in a film like this. And really it seemed to get worse the more Kristen Stewart opened her mouth. I thought that the girl who played young Snow White was very good (and better than Stewart). ...BUT she did NOT have raven-black hair. Even though not three minutes earlier the movie makes a point of saying she has raven-black hair. Come on moviemakers, you never heard of a wig?

    Ultimately I liked Hunger Games more, and I was VERY disappointed with Hunger Games.

  2. I still have to see The Hunger Games, But i hope itis better then this film