Friday, September 7, 2012


Directed By: Billy Corben Cinemantography By: Alexa Harris, Raif Gonzalez, Trisha Solyn, Randy Valdes Editor: Sam Rega Appearances By: Moby, 50 Cent, Ed Koch, Michael Alig, Peter Gaiten, A documentary on former New York City club owner Peter Gatien. Truth be told i am bias. in this case. As Peter Gaiten and the downtown nighlife culture of the 90's was a major interest ofmine growingup around it in new yorki was a teenager but read articles looked at advertisements and flyers. Plus walked past these clubs that were like catherdrals to me. Dreaming of when one day i coluld actually go to one. Later in life i actually got to go into the palladium only because they were throwing an event there. I never truly ever got to ge there as a patron as all of these places were closed by the timei finally reached the age in which to legally enter. I remember the Angel Melendez case and the mystery behind it the reign of michael Alig. Even Reading the book of PARTY MONSTER and the corresponding film. So i had a working knowledge of all the themes and subjects touched upon here but explained in full. So of course watching this it flooded my mind with a sort of nostalgia as the memories came back and i watched the film. LEarning of the deeper information as well as cathcing up with the peole involved and seeing what became of them. The story is told mostly through them and archived news footage. It engages you as you watch it and explains everything even if you go into the film blind. I rarely review documentries because if the story is interesting as long as you tell it well and give the information to the auidence it can almost me like a news report ar article. The trick is to make it seem as gripping as a feature film story with the same emotions so that we care about the outcome and maybe even be moved by it even if it is a matter of public record. Those are the usual reasons i don't review documentries as i feel if the story is there and interests you. You shoukd enjoy it, but wheni watchone that is particularly good and feel it should get attention for either good or bad reasons. That is when i feel compelled to write about them. What is interesting about this one is that the guy who rubbed shoulders withpeople doing illegal things and were kind of the lowest characters. The police went after him more making deals with these low lifes and agreeeingto lookthe other way to get the actual squeaky clean guy. Who actually donated to the mayor who sought to bring his empire to an end. It shows at what lengths the legal process will look the other way when they hone in on a target. The film seems one-sided but it also allows each side a chance to state their case and speak on the record. Not Surprisngly for all who do there are a bunch of missing voices whose insight would have been welcome. GRADE: B+

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