Friday, May 18, 2012


Directed By: Michael Corrente Written By: Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Michael Corrente Based on the novel By: Peter Farrelly Cinematography By: Richard Crudo Editor: Kate Sanford Cast: Alec Baldwin, Shawn Hasoty, Amy Smart, George Wendt, Gabriel Mann, Adam LaVorgna, Jon Abrahams, Richard Jenkins, Jonathan Brandis A boy from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, caught up in the drug scene of the mid-70s, gets in trouble one too many times with the law. To stave off a jail term, his father arranges for him to be placed into a prep school in Cornwall, Connecticut. The terms: Graduate, or else. Though it is broad the film plays low key. This film plays more like a pilot for a interesting television series made in the 80’s if it hadn’t already gone through the whole school years at a prep school. It is formulaic to a fault every now and then there is a bit of originality, but it is quickly squandered and goes right back to the tried and true formula. Which could have been entertaining if it had pleasant surprises or at least if the film made it fun as we got to the plot points, Though it is based on Screenwriter Peter Farrelly life and years in prep school in the 70’s the only scenes that have a ring of truth are the romance scenes with Amy smart. Its not a perfect one of a kind one. More like a attraction and something and someone to do who you have fun with and see’s something special in you. The film does have the trademarks of the Farelly brothers films. The rhodie island setting. Handicapped characters. Surreal at times comedic scenes that are raunchy but sweet natured. Alot of the time the film just feels like it is going on and on because it has to. At times the film just doesn’t come of as natural. It is occasionally chuckle worthy and the failure of the film is no fault of the actors. The actors all create truly memorable characters I just wish they were all in a better film. Alec Baldwin is clearly enjoying himself. Him and his poker buddies feel fresh if not just a tired cliché. The scenes taking place at the school at least doesn’t have a Us vs. them theme as everyone seems to bond over drugs. Even in scenes where his new friend s meet his old friends the townies there is no real tension and they get along over the shared loved of weed and women . This film should have been a homerun or at least a nice addition to the coming of age genre. Unfortunately it just feels stilted almost like a indie film that is trying hard to be mainstream and more of a hollywood film. Instead of staying true to itself and it’s roots like the characters that the film showcases and makes heroic in their own way. Though it bills itself more of a comedy. It is more like a dramedy. It just feels as the movie plays when the comedic scenes are on and the jokes and hi-jinks occur it feels like there is a pause after them like the filmmakers expect audience laughs or something to that effect. The film also plays the comedic scenes through a dramatic lens. Then the dramatic scenes through a comedic one. It just feels like at time things don’t match the way the scene is supposed to play. Almost like opposites. Wait For Television Grade: C-

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