Friday, May 4, 2012


SURROGATE VALENTINE (COMEDY) 7/10 RID OF ME (COMEDY) 6/10 JOYFUL NOISE (COMEDY) 3/10 ONE FROM THE HEART (DRAMA) 6/10 Great experimental film, full of ideas by Francis Ford Coopla, but somehow just feels hollow and a failure. GOON (COMEDY) 7/10 MISS BALA (FOREIGN/THRILLER) 7/10 Strangely made me feel nothing. though it shouldhave BOYS ON THE RUN (FOREIGN/COMEDY) 7/10 THE MUPPETS (FAMILY) 8/10 DAMSELS IN DISTRESS (COMEDY) 8/10 MEETING EVIL (THRILLER) 3/10 WTF! samuel l. jackson you can do so much better. Between this and THE ARENA you are disgracing yourself. this film made no sense. BED OF ROSES: THE NEXT GENERATION (WESTERN) 1/10 So inept it becomes funny DETACHMENT (DRAMA) 8/10 Tony Kaye's comeback. Really good. Nice to see Adrien brody returnto drama with a really good performance. THE DIVIDE (THRILLER) 8/10 MELACOLY FANTASTIC (DRAMA) 4/10 Really disappointing, had the materail to be really good. ELEVATOR IN THE GALLOWS (FOREIGN/THRILLER 8/10 GOD BLESS AMERICA (COMEDY) 8/10 Unfortunately more like a rant then a film at times. INTO THE ABYSS (DOCUMENTRY) 8/10 WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (CLASSIC) 6/10 ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE (DOCUMENTRY) 9/10 Enjoyable and inspiring WHITE WATER SUMMER (DRAMA) 7/10 A FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT (COMEDY) 7/10 THINK LIKE A MAN (COMEDY) 7/10 Better then i thought it would be

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