Sunday, January 22, 2012


Directed By: Bill Eagles
Written By: Simon Donald
Cinematography By: James Welland
Editor: David Head & Jon Gregory

Cast: Susan Lynch, Rachel Weisz, Iain Glen

One stormy Glasgow night Dorothy and Petula's lives are inextricably thrown together, bonded by a common flaw. Dorothy's on the run from her boyfriend and Petula should be doing the same. Evasion, blackmail, murder, betrayal, revenge and a suitcase loaded with a million quid... it's all there... and then some.

This film is quirky enough to be entertaining that you can forgive it’s flaws. The film tries at times to be a gritty thriller about 2 women in a man’s world fighting to survive in it. At times the film lets it sweetness shine through. It’s more of a woman’s tale in a traditionally male oriented Genre Pulp story.

The film is short but flows quickly it presents every male character as untrustworthy, Abusive and sociopathic. Which I can’t really complain about because how many films have treated women the same way as purely stereotypical and no one complains or bats an eye.

This is sort of a feminist take on the gritty british thrillers. But it is still entertaining for most audiences though the film has a lot of moments of convenience or luck when it comes to believability. The film is actually funny, Darkly humorous. It is also a showcase for the two leads Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch.

From this film Ms. Weisz seemed destined for stardom playing the ditzy bombshell. This was a good chance for her at the time since she was a up and comer to show what she was capable of in a lead role, But like Melanie Lynskey Fading into the background while Kate Winslet became a star. What happened to Rachel’s co-star in this movie Susan Lynch? She was just as good as the brains of the duo.and though not the bombshell she is attractive.

The film catches you off guard at times but it also feels kind of silly and stupid when you should be on the edge of your seat. Most of the time It leaves you laughing.

This film is a fun rental that is a entertaining little gem that you most likely will forget about a few days after watching. IT’s like a side-note in a laid back day when it happens it’s funny but nothing that you are really dying to tell anyone about.


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