Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SINGLES (1992) by jeff

Cast: Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedewick, Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, Sheila Kelly, Jim True, Eric Stoltz, James LeGros, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Peter Horton, Tim Burton, Xavier McDaniel, Jeremy Piven, Christopher Masterson, Bill Pullman, Paul Giamatti

Written & Directed By: Cameron Crowe
Cinematography: Tak Fujimoto & Ueli Steiger
Editor: Richard Chew

I saw this movie when it first came out in the theaters and loved it. I saw it as cutting edge and realistic in the way that it looked at contemporary relationships.

If only i knew this would become the template for most situation comedies that revolved around characters aged 20 something.

Looking at it all these years later I still feel the same way the only problem is it doesn’t age as well as it should. When it was made it looked like another generation x brand relationship movie this one was a little different it is more a romantic comedy that explores relationships but uses the seattle alternative grunge music scene as more of a back drop as t what was happening at the times it’s not trying to win over or explain the culture. It would almost be like if you made a romance in old Victorian times what matters is the character and the story don’t worry so much about the background it is coming from.

This is a Cameron Crowe film and the thing I have always admired about him is that he knows how to write situations and characters that are real and make you care about them. This film is as Cameron crowe made it out to be like a record album with ballads fast songs, slow songs but in a certain order. That is what this film has also some scenes are dramatic some are just flat out comedy. Some are deeply felt full on romance. The mood changes at times so seamlessly it is close to Mr. Crowe’s idol Billy Wilder.

The love stories and couples are infectious and we see the ups and downs of each relationship as well as there pasts and there struggling friends the main ones Are Kyra Sedgewick and Campbell Scott as two people who are perfect together and date but always seem to separate and have it not work out then there is Campbell Scott’s ex girlfriend played by Bridget Fonda who is his neighbor but head over heels for matt Dillon a rock musician who is on the verge of making it but he see’s there relationship as open and she worships him. She is even willing to change who she virtually is just to be his fantasy perfect woman. Intermixed are a band of character either looking for love or sex.

This film was actually more popular for It’s soundtrack more then itself when it came out it had all the bands that were either popular or were on the verge of it at the time. A lot of them appear in cameos in the film or play actual roles Matt Dillon’s band citizen dick are all played by members of pearl jam. One of there neighbors is Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and later Audioslave. Alice in chains performs in the film, this was also a precursor to friends where the group of friends, either all live in the same apartment complex or are at least close by and always hanging out in a coffee shop and have either once dated hooked up or are related. In fact it seems like only Campbell Scott is willing to leave and find outside people. Another Added bonus is that this film is practically a all star film at least future stars and cameos by known stars of different fields, film, sports and music

This is a wonderful film that you should check out if not for all the above mentioned then look at it as a partial time capsule. If you weren’t around a chance to look at what was cool and prevalent at the time if you lived through it I am sure it will bring back memories


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