Monday, September 13, 2010

I SELL THE DEAD (2008) by jeff

Written, Edited & Directed By: Glenn McQuaid
Cinematography By: Richard Lopez

Cast: Dominic Monaghan Ron Perleman, Larry Fessenden, Angus Scrimm

I didn’t know what to expect going into this film but was pleasantly surprised. It’s not perfect but it’s a fun film. As we follow the adventures of two grave diggers. One of whom’s execution begins the film and the other one who is about to be executed explains how they got to that particular point to a monk. They basically rob graves which is the lowest of the low but they do it in the employ of so called upright citizens. The adventures these two have are usually filled with the supernatural but is not treated as astonishing but more like normal day to day occurrences.

The film is macabre but has a definite sense of humor as it is more funny then scary at times. It’s low budget so the special effects and make up are more homemade yet impressive. It’s a good period piece which makes it feel like a hammer film with all the appropriate creepiness. Though for more modern horror fans it may remind you of the EVIL DEAD movies with it’s humor, energy, camera movements and angles plus effects.

I even like the two leads Dominic Monaghan showing there is more to him then LOST and playing a hobbit. He is fast becoming a genre favorite actor for me. Larry Fessenden who is usually a horror director and sometime actor is really good as the repellent Willie Grimes.

I even love the characters. I wish they were like a Abbott & Costello and could just make a series of movies and go on more adventures. Like place them in the middle if the plague or in the middle of a great tragedy or a popular historical event and see it from their point of view. Or just bring them back for a few sequels.

I also found myself wanting the film to be longer to spend more time with them, Though the film is the correct length, it just goes by so fast.

All the strengths of the film must be attributed to the ringmaster the director Glenn McQuaid. Who I hope keeps working as I look forward to his future films. He has imagination and style and can do much with little. He has good instincts so he has the necessary talent to be a good director. Imagine what he can do with a huge budget.



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