Monday, February 5, 2018


This is another tale of me being a geek, nerd, dork, loser, outcast, outsider, Fan, Fan boy, critic and proud of it.

Watching the trailer for the movie READY PLAYER ONE...

I have waited to reserve my decision and comments on this so...

On the positive side it leaves one with an intensity that rattled through me like electricity a mild shock. Which only good trailers truly of that make them memorable even if the final product (the actual movie isn’t)

As that intensity or feelings is one of the reasons I love movies it’s one of the very few things that makes me feel that way or can cause it. Maybe certain people, music or experiences but I can remember usually exactly how certain films make me feel.

While i will admit the look and feel of it reminds me of SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD which might be because of the pop culture refrences. it's not a bad thing even though this feels nbigger and more vital. where as that film was a smaller contained story.

The book is a rags to riches story. It is also relateable to fans of pop culture and media across different ages particularly the 80’s with a hero who could be an avatar for most of us but still has an innocence as we go with him through this discovery. That uses skills from all kinds of pop culture especially movies and video games. Which is what endears it’s audience to it is that sense of nostalgia but also all the things that make you nerdy being a talent and skill that help you win. Not to mention innocent to a degree and earnest. Not necessarily brawn and you get the girl in the end. As well as make friends you can trust on your way to a goal. So it can be universal even if not a geek.

That is why it struck so many. Now some might find it a bit of selling out by having the man who was behind half of this pop culture Director Steven Spielberg, as either director or producer making this film. As he is a master of emotional manipulation. But you also have to keep in mind that as he helped make them. He also knows the passion fans have for the material and what touches them the most. As part of being the mastermind and talented filmmaker himself. He know what works and the passion that originated these projects and whatever passions he put into them himself. This is kind of a experience of nostalgia for him. As this is what the book and movie are based on the audiences nostalgia and what it meant to them. Taking them back and leaving, leading that wonder.

So I will give it a chance even though as with most films based on books. It will be different and won’t look or be the same tale I pictured in my imagination but I look forward to this interpretation.

As this is another case when it comes to creation even artistic it’s like giving birth to a child you can raise it and nurture it but once it has achieved maturity you have to leave it off to the world and while what you might have I teed for it might come true you also have to accept that others will learn to love it and interpret it in different ways and lay their own feelings and a sense of ownership of sorts. As it might be part of their memories and always have an emotion reaction to them. You must remember it touches others and they feel an ownership themselves.

If not more than anything else the film made me realize how deeply ingrained my love for BACK TO THE FUTURE is like everyone else I was a fan of the films, but there is something about those films that still can make me emotional l. They are like an old friend who you rarely see and might not think about but once someone mentions or you see them again it all comes flooding back.

It’s also a film that idolizes the Past. While also showing it to have it’s own hang up’s offering a reality and a romance that was vital. As well as lessons on bravery and science as adventure. So In it’s own way it was also a film built on nostalgia but gently and more jokingly dissecting it a bit.

Which is why I am currently listening through the soundtracks of the movies.

I might even try to persuade my future bride (of which there are no candidates as of yet) to use it as a wedding song theme. It’s bombastic, joyous, thrilling, adventurous and successful.

Though I don’t know if my bride will allow me to wear sneakers and an orange vest for our wedding. Though it would be a lot cooler if she did. Not to mention a sign of how much she must love me. I would love her enough to not really put her through that if she didn’t want to

We could drive off in a Delorean after to the waiting Limo as the delorean will probably break down after a few blocks.

As every hero needs a theme. So does every fairy tale and happily ever after. No matter how badly we don't want it to end. though it lets us make up our own future. Then again you have to remember you share that memory and trying with many different people who like to claim ownership. 

Having said that i will say i Kind of prefer the teaser trailer that little bit of mystery as to what we will get. As trailers sometimes reveal too much or already give you the gist of the story instead of letting you discover it naturally.

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