Saturday, November 11, 2017


Directed By: Luis Javier M. Henaine 
Written By: Luis Javier M. Henaine & Alejandra Olvera Avila 
Cinematography By: Diego Garcia 
Editor: Branko Gomez Palacia & Luis Javier M. Henaine 
Production Design: Christopher Lagunes 
Set Decoration: Gabriela Rodriguez Farah 

Cast: Luis Arrieta, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Humberto Busto, Barbara de Regil, Miguel Rodarte 

 A young man who is unable to break up with his girlfriend decides to hire an agency that specializes in ending relationships.

The film is familiar yet fun to a degree.

This romantic comedic version of the movie THE GAME that almost comes through and works, but leaves way too many questions. With a similar ending that asks does it ever really end?

The protagonist is whiny throughout and while you can understand his problems with his girlfriend because he is either too nice or too scared to break up or really make any changes in his life. So that he goes to these outrageous measures and then freely has an affair, but asks to be felt sorry for. As he was used and just more of an agenda. So you have an immediately unlikeable protagonist. The things the protagonist complains about that she does actually aren't too bad.

The film feels unfair to his girlfriend's character as she was seen half the time in a bad or even mean light. That constantly reals of desperation. Even the times she stands up for herself. It seems more like she is having second thoughts.

As while her behavior at the movies would put a person like me off. Her only crime really seems to be that everything she does is just to get married, but they have been together for 5 years and seems to define herself more by him. He just wants excitement and is more depressed for it.

As he isn't satisfied by life in any form and this at least adds excitement and something different they at least makes him make decisions and do actions

The film keeps a light and airy atmosphere. That introduces certain aspects that you believe will come back and mean something. That half the times doesn't. Yet that tone keeps the film floating but feels like it takes barely any risks or delivers a point to all the madness.

Even the agency at the center of the film stays in the background, but whenever the film runs out of situations brings them back, but the film. Leaves so many questions open about them. That even the film can't decide whether they act as fate or in the interest of the client and his wishes. As it seems to want to break them apart then get together. Then says it is up to him, but by the end leaves us still wondering why they might still be following him. What is the purpose?

Also it seems like her sister sleeps around easily As she sleeps with the protagonist. But it also seems to romance the psychiatrist that is her sister's new appointed beau. She also never answers why she does this but is happy at the end for their decisions.

This film feels like A bunch if good set-up's with very little follow through. Where they could have explored the emotions and situations especially the consequences a bit more. Add a little drama to the sister's role and betrayal but like the agency the film seems to be more interested in being ambiguous. At least it gives us an ending you don't expect even as it seems to give the characters and audience all it wants at times, but by the looks on his face. You can tell it's not exactly great.

The fantasy dream sequences meant to be funny and add comedy as well as be surprising, Aren't. They only lead to the audience questioning some real moments later. As all they do is induce what we already know.

The one thing that stays constant that is consistently amusing is the comedic relief that is handled by him and his two friends.

The film seems to want to explore the fear of the same and moving the rest of your life planned and on point. It not necessarily being fun or surprising.

This film is so close to being so good but falls short. It constantly becomes a little frustrating. Though easily watchable it just leaves itself to be common and a bit familiar like other romantic comedies. As just like the main character the film keeps seeming to try and find itself. As when it seems to it keeps changing. Not necessarily what serves it best but what it thinks other watching might want. Though it does manage to keep you off kilter and on your toes. Though it leaves little reasoning for it.

 Grade: C

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