Saturday, October 21, 2017


Directed By: Mary Lambert 
Written By: Richard Outten 
 Cinematography By: Russell Carpenter 
Editor: Tom Finan 

Cast: Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards, Darlanne Fluegel, Clancy Brown, Lisa Waltz, Jared Rushton, Sarah Trigger, Jason McGuire, Jim Peck 

The ancient Indian cemetery with the power to raise the dead returns and influences the lives of new residents.

Now this is more of a Nostalgic look at this film. As this was probably the first horror film I saw in a theater. Before hand I took my precautions as CHILD'S PLAY 2 was almost my first choice. I read the reviews on this movie beforehand to prepare myself for whatever the film was ready to throw at me. Trust me I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of gore. I could stand the more intestinal stuff but not things like puss that were presented.

I will admit what made me want to see the film was Edward Furlong as I was a fan of his from TERMINATOR 2 and this was his big follow up movie. Him and his decadent enough stance had me sold. Also the dark direction of the trailer had me sold. So me and my father went to the film and I will admit the first time I watched the film it was with my hands in front of my face. Even as some teenage girls laughed at the cheap scares the film Presented at times.

If you are an animal activist don't watch this film as the on screen violence or more aftermath of animals massacred will upset you. As half of the movie takes place at a vetanarians office.

The film just has a dark and gruesome tone and mood. That makes you feel extra disturbed watching it. As the film has a kind of mean streak attached to most of the characters. You generally feel sorry for the supporting characters even without the horror elements. Take for example Edward’s one friend in town who is overweight and already had an abusive stepfather who doesn't much care for him and is clearly the apple of his mother’s eye. His resurrection of his step father after accidently killing Him set's this whole movie up. He comes back to life it seems livelier (a role Clancy brown shines in and steals the movie) but slowly becomes more violent and finally. which also includes raping his wife. He ends up leading these characters to their death in an escape. Where as the mother never even knew the truth and after the degredation she has to go through with her zombified husband.

The film also includes a kind of subtle rape scene that’s not graphic but adds a disturbing element to the film that haunts more than anything but feels not really needed. As it deepens a horror film that feels more popcorn and simple.

Then Eddie furlong doesn't even feel remorse instead he teams up with the reanimated step father to raise his mother. Which is where the film's rules make a mistake that my father pointed out. One of the big rules is that you have to bury your own, but later the stepfather kills a bully and then resurrects him even though they were never related.

So as you can see we didn't even have a sympathetic lead. In fact he seems really disturbed and not down precocious youth. More so then just trying to redirect his late mother. Really the only decent leading character is his father played by Anthony Edwards.

The story truly makes no sense. As it is truly different form the first film. Which was more off base and seemed more supernatural and suspense thriller. This seems more like short zombie film. Where once you resurrect your loved one they become monsters who just want to kill. The film has little continuity and feelings.

The film also never fully truly explains why the ressurected are so murderous and evil. they almost seem possessed as they aren't zombies. maybe a slave to their basic instincts, but it just seems easier to let them just be evil with no explination. even though they have enough smarts to stay normal for a bit.

In an interview, Mary Lambert commented that the real reason why she wanted to make this sequel was "I really wanted to get into the idea of what goes on in a teenage boy's head, on why they do stupid things. Because that's the kind of stupid thing a teenage boy would do! Louis Creed buries his son because of an intense desire, a feeling of guilt that it's his fault that the boy died, but Edward Furlong's character buries Clancy Brown in Pet Semetary because he's a teenage boy and he's stupid! For teenage boys, the blood is not going to their brain; it's going somewhere else." Which might explain the actions of the characters.

So that the film just feels stupid and enjoyable. Strangely no matter the highs and lows the film feels juvenile and like it will only really appeal or hold interest of teenagers, completeists or die hard horror fans. This is what we had in the form of teenage films and horror.

This film has barely any joy and happiness in it. Even the ending doesn't seem all that happy.

I saw this movie before I saw the first one (as usual) whose reputation loomed so large I was afraid to watch it for a certain number of years.

 Grade: C

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