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MR. DEEDS (2002)

Directed By: Steven Brill 
Written By: Tim Herlihy 
Based On The Screenplay “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town” By: Robert Riskin 
Based on the Short Story “Opera Hat” By: Clarence Budington Keeland 
Cinematography By: Peter Lyons Collister 
Editor: Jeff Gourson 

Cast: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro, Conchata Ferrell, Peter Gallagher, Allen Covert, Jared Harris, Peter Dante, Harve Presnell, Steve Buscemi, J.B. Smoove, Blake Clark 

 A sweet-natured, small-town guy inherits a controlling stake in a media conglomerate and begins to do business his way.

This is more the typical Adam Sandler movie when at least he was still making movies that audiences enjoyed.

Though this was when you could see him making a hang of character for him. Instead of the lovable loser. Here he portrays a character who as usual is sweet but has a temper but only uses it when needed and in defense of others usually.

Though already successful his character is practically so nice that she. His uncle does he is left in charge of his fortune and tries to use it to make positive changes. While falling for a girl who he thinks is a nice sweet small town girl but is actually a tabloid reporter trying to do an expose on him.

Here Sandler's Character is successful but not in an annoying way. Where he seems cruel to his friends and all around him. As in his later films. Where he seems to play the jerks he used to make fun of. Maybe as a right of passage to try and show his characters growth more. As here as is some of his other films the character either needed to believe in himself or the love of another to grow or help him change. Though for the most part like here he is the same character from beginning to the end maybe wiser in the ways of the world. Though not much has changed about him.

The film isn't  a Sandler original. It's a remake of the classic film MR. DEEDS. Which I will admit I am unfamiliar with. Though it appears this film sticks to that films story as a spine so they can only do so much to change. Though the writers do all they can to make it more an Adam Sandler movie. With bizarre side characters which allows for others to take the shine as far as comedy throughout the film. Especially John Turturro (beginning what would seem to be many future cameos in Sandler movies. As it seems along the way Adam Sandler picks up good character actors and keeps finding roles for them to play. Usually smaller ones. So that like his comedian buddies who are constantly cast in his films. He bring a set of players usually) Also it’s surprising to see Winona Ryder in this film. She is cleary having fun playing fast and loose even while classing the film up a little. Which goes far in making this film seem more mainstream construction more than one of sandler and companies home grown constructions

Here he has quite a few celebrities cameoing and playing more comedic versions of themselves.

This film seems to be one of transition. As he was making his way past the lovable losers. Though also his films seemed to be more about pleasing the audience. Not necessarily his audience but general audiences. Instead of he past where his films cared about the audience but took place in his own little bizarre comedic world. In his films he showed a growth in his later films, but also a laziness here he seemed to care more how the audience saw him or at least how he saw himself. Even if the films seemed to become more about how cool he was and locations to film in as well as bigger named co-stars and more focus on premise rather than characters. Where he still mostly seems to be dressed in his home clothes and not from wardrobe. Where he also seems to wear the same outfit or same type of outfit the whole Movie. Which comes off as lazy. As well as his non energetic smug seeming performances .

So that eventually he became what his critics had always said about his films even when they were decent. As it was a dinner if you do, damned if you don't He does still have some decent films after this one. Though the expectations seem to drop.

Though at least the allows others to do more of the heavy lifting. As even Winona Ryder who looks marvelous gets a chance to show off her more comedic chops.

No matter what Adam Sandler's fingerprints are all over the film as it is his humor and he usually co-writes and produces his own films.

So no matter who usually directs the film. It is his in reality. As he is the one who is making most of the decisions and calling the shots.More guy friendly, though here he tries to appeal more to a general audience. It less blatantly deliberate.

The film is ok, it's Predictable but fun escapist blockbuster entertainment. Not the worst nor the best. If you are a fan of his you should like this film. If you are not I don't know if this is the film that will change your mind, but it is the most mainstream and straight edges of his films besides the kids films he occasionally makes. This is definitely a film your grandparents will like.

Grade: C+

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