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Directed By: Rob Cohen 
Written By: Barbara Curry 
Cinematography By: Dave McFarland 
Editor: Michel Aller 

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Kristin Chenowith, Ian Nelson, Hill Harper

When a handsome, charming teenager named Noah moves in next door, newly separated high-school teacher Claire Peterson encourages his friendship and engages in a little bit of harmless (or so she thinks) flirtation. Although Noah spends much of the time hanging out with Claire's son, the teen's attraction to her is palpable. One night, Claire gives in to temptation and lets Noah seduce her, but when she tries to end the relationship, he turns violent.

The film was shot in just 25 days on a budget of around $4 million.

This film is so far fetched, it's already hard to take it seriously. We are supposed to believe that a woman who looks as sexy and good as Jennifer Lopez does.

Not only is her husband a serial cheater but a good guy. Though also can't find anyone to date or is interested in her?

This is a film specifically designed to be a fantasy for Cougars and a warning as well.

This is another film where her nationality is never acknowledged or mentioned. --The boy who seduces her doesn't look bear being an actual teenager or underage and because of a technicality his character isn't either. So it seems hair there to put the screws more to her when she decides to end it and allows the boy to get close to her son and in effect her in that way.

One of the problems with the film is for it's ridiculous concept. It never plays up or enhances it's problems. Which could have at least made it a campy thriller. Instead it chooses to play it straight and makes the film feel dull and monotonous though glossy shot and sharp visuals. That don't lend itself to this soft pedaling.

Early on the film introduces little elements that will come up later in the film and be big plot points all of a sudden.

Even the sex scene which should be the centerpiece of the film while sexy obscures any nudity and really any acts. Bough seems lit perfectly again to be more of a female fantasy. As that is who the film seems more catered to. Which would explain the intricate details of interior design and decorating as well as real estate.

Now I understand this movie is made more for women who might have cougar fantasies, but what about the men in the audience who might have middle aged/older women fantasies or just fantasize about Jennifer Lopez? Who might have seen this film expecting some nudity as the trailers hint at or at least hot sex scenes. The film delivers neither though seems to hint at the promise of each. Especially as the camera films her lovingly consistently. It's another film where Jennifer Lopez feels like she is wasting her talent in a paint by numbers get rich quick disposable film that her talents are better then. Even as a screen bombshell. She didn’t even use a body double for the sex scene.

It's strange as it used sex as the bait, but is really an obsession thriller. Which feels like what is popular now especially in the urban market as every fall one of these types of erotic thriller comes out and is a mild hit. Though likely this one they all seem to hint at a hard rated R rating, but the material once you get intoh the film seems more PG-13 related. Never exciting or erotic. It makes one kiss the films of Adrian Lyne where there used to be a whole genre of these films FATAL ATTRACTION, INDECENT PROPOSAL, BASIC INSTINCT, SLIVER even DISCLOSURE and RISING SUN had it's moments. This film doesn't even approach UNFAITHFUL limits where you can at least understand the emotions and reasoning as they seem believable. This movie wouldn't even make a good episode of SILK STALKINGS or RED SHOE DIARIES.

As this could be easily a Demi Morre type thriller from the 90's and nothing would really need to be changed. Wouldn't be shocked if it is a holdover script from back then.

Let's face it, no one is watching this film for the story or plot as it stays predictable and slow. It also doesn't seem to take much to seduce. As it happens rather quickly and easily. Plus as level headed as he seems early on the about face of his character comes out of nowhere. Only because the plot demands it. If they had used more some real life cases of the women knowing it was wrong but doing it anyway as an extreme self esteem problem or out loneliness Then at least they try to cover their tracks, but as they need an obvious villain. As it never seemed an I oral plan and he just happens to take the opportunity and become obsessed. That might have been more interesting but would have to allow for some major guilt in her part. If it was a full blown affair and he couldn't take being dumped it even vice verse she became obsessed with him or he saw this seduction as more of a game and her become more upset that he takes it so lightly though these plots probably have been used already elsewhere know the film A TEACHER a film that has a story but lacks the thriller element as that film is more a drama. Here the film tries to have the drama aspect, but luckily pursues a thriller one that stays more made up.

Even co-star Kristin Chenowith's character is mostly cleavage and has a sassy fun attitude with one liner's galore as her best friend.

Her role comes off more as a guest star from a MTV teen series degree the actors constantly look too old to be teenagers.

This wouldn't even good enough as a Julia Roberts movie knock off, whose career Lopez seems inspired by, except for the challenging herself more often aspect. The only reason this movie isn't a complete fail is to see Jennifer Lopez in all her beauty throughout and getting close to seeing her in the altogether. So if you are already a fan of her movies or her you should at least like that aspect of the film, but everything else is more filler. Might just want to watch her music videos and listen to her music. As they are more exciting, better directed and plotted then this waste of time.

Though this is clearly a buyer beware experience. Especially as the film is Rated-R. though that seems to be more for the little violence and language. As well as subject matter.

They make sure her lover is not completely underage, sure under 21 but not under 18 seems to be a romantic with anger issues that and I am guessing the sex was hair that good. As he doesn't seem to have a hard time getting girls, so everything here seems more set up as ongoing revenge, but I am guessing his character wants a woman. Though if he was the shy type it wouldn't match. Though might be a little more explainable. Even as the movie ends up not being that sexual. Either that or like a hunter sees someone around his prey or property and he goes temperamental and territorial with jealousy.

At least in the old days of my youth. A film like this would be a soundtrack dump haven full of hot songs to distract from the poor quality of the rest of the film and actually have some kind of Victory and something to remember it by.

Using her son to get closer to her and tamper with the reconciliation with her husband, As well as trying to repeat the same deeds. As the guy seems decent until jealousy takes over as he is cool to everyone expect her after awhile and her husband.

Though he seems a killing machine in the third act. Like a soldier or terminator.

Luckily like the affair within the film. The film actually moves quickly.

Even the sex scenes aren't hot or erotic they are just there. Hinted at and happen. Though there are flashbacks and hints of action throughout. Especially when it comes to him, Providing oral sex on her.

It seems a delusional obsession as he can't have more sex and it was that good. He ends up. Becoming a stalker. Which i am sure Jennifer Lopez has had plenty of so it comes off more as a personal nightmare. A victim of impulse control. So It’s not smart to challenge him And expose your weakness within the same scene. Though expelled stays around school and just seems to want to be back in the bedroom. Be interesting to see once he got what he wanted or demanded and ordered. He would have to be put through to provide for her and her son and then him Wanting out of the relationship. Him trying got escape and he. The shoe is on the other foot where she won't let him escape. The sequels and parallel ways in which this movie could have turned out, Write themselves. This could almost be a franchise if it had been successful

This should be a stalker story as he manages to have his dream Come true. Instead once he gets what he wants it is what fuels his obsession.

This film takes a lot for granted and expects you to believe a lot of things. Even wants you to betray what you see plainly in front of you So Many hints and clues as to what is happening. You wonder how anyone could miss them.

The film feels like a lifetime movie as it seems to have the same storyline but a bigger budget and more side plots.

One of the ways in which this is also seemed to be mote directed towards a female audience is that even in the sex scenes it is all about him Pleasing her and doing sexual things to her, but her never returning anything and him seeming to be totally Satisfied

Nobody waits to say hello on the phone. They just seem to go in and reveal so called secret information on plot/plan without guaranteeing the identity of who they are talking too.

The dead body used in scenes of this looks so styled like a macabre photo fashion shoot still. That gives the film a more dark undertone that it aspires to, but also as the film is more disposable and commercial makes it seem a bit more sleazy then it should


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