Saturday, January 30, 2016


Written & Directed By: Kerem Sanga 
Cinematography By: Ricardo Diaz 
Editor: Ryan Brown 

Cast: Ryan Malgarini, Hayley Lu Richardson, Melora Waters, Joshua Malina, James LeGros, Jessica Lu, Osric Chau

Two brainy and awkward virgins hook up (drunkenly), fall in love (maybe), and get pregnant (twins).

Interesting title even though it is not about the youth of director Krystof Kieslowski responsible for such films as RED, WHITE, BLUE, THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE and The series THE DECALOGUE.

All of which explore the drama of human life and tragedy and usually have some kind of raised emotional catharsis that could easily Tether or a happy ending or tragedy.

The film tries to explore that but on much lighter terms. As this film starts off as what seems to be a typical teen romantic comedy and then becomes incredibly deeper and dramatic.

It's like a more serious and younger version of KNOCKED UP. Only both characters are more driven

Though the film offers many scenes where we are left to question like the main characters what are they going to do. We all know what will most likely happen at the end.

As the film tries to give some originality in the form of the main character knowing how much life is precious and you only get a certain amount of time. Due to his mother who is dying of cancer who doesn't want him home caring for her. She wants him to live life while he can.

This really comes into play later as he tries to blame himself and his others condition to get himself out of his fear of commitment.

The film tries to add originality with little details. Like the fact that she is a hard core Christian. His interest in karate. The financial burdens. We have been there before, but with his films gumption it doesn't seem so bad not torturous going through what we know will happen.

It even manages to affect the audience. Though I believe this film Is best for teens. As I think they will find it easier to relate towns find it more entertaining. Not that it is a bad film. It's a film r I can admire what the cast and filmmakers have done. It just doesn't affect the audience as much as it wants to. Especially if they have seen films like this before.

The cast is really good Ryan Malgrini who plays the lead is so big and wild eyed that he expresses his feeling and confusion really well at first comedic ally and then dramatically. No matter that he looks more the goofball nerd type rather than the stud.

It is hard not to fall for Hayley Lu Richardson’s character. She is so sweet and innocent and full of hope. Even in times of despair. She Has a plain attractiveness that takes you by surprise and catches you out of nowhere. The girl next door who is full of mistakes. Though you really want her to make the right decisions. Even if you find it easy to forgive her if she doesn't. She has a role that is more dramatic though easily could have fallen into the manic pixie dream girl. Which also helps the audience as well as the lead fall for her. Even in the ridiculous screens where he wonders if she is using him.

The more recognizable character actor cast is good. Melora Waters as his cancer stricken mother is sweet and heartbreaking as well as sassy. His patient father played by Joshua Malina doesn't di much but is the glue that helps hold the film and characters together, without having a big over the top dramatic moment and James LeGros as mallard's father is heartbreaking as a man of convictions who loves his daughter and will be the bad guy if it means helping her future. His scenes are the most dramatic and the most ridiculous, but he makes his presence felt. As even though he is treated mostly as a villain. He is the one you look forward to seeing in scenes. As he brings the movie more into frantic territory. No matter how dimensional his character might seem at times.

The film tries to be quirky, but just feels that much more present and real. The secondary characters feel more the quirk type as they just seem to en there for comedic relief and a specific role or mood for their scenes. Rather than half the time feeling necessary or full blooded.

I believe it to be a crowd pleaser even though the drama that the film makes seems purely a second act ending for the their act where you know things will get smoothed out. Though at least the end of the second act. Has believable reasoning. Rather than Just being made up.

Grade: C+

By: Jeff Gallashaw

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