Thursday, October 8, 2015


Box-office disappointment? A look at a sure thing that failed.

I am shocked at the disappointing returns when it comes to the film EVEREST. As it seems like it was an event movie that came at the right time as it had no real box office competition as far as blockbuster films. It pretty much looked like a slam dunk. I wonder if the reason it didn't make as much money was...

It wasn't really advertised that much or apparently enough.

When you did see advertisements it seemed to more advertise Everest in IMax. Not so much that there was a survival story attached. So that it might have seemed more like a documentary or a docudrama about exploring rather then a tragedy and survival tale. Which usually audiences are a fan of. It downplays the adventure angle or the story in the advertisements

In keeping costs a little lower. The cast was full of names of acclaimed actors (Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Emily Watson, Robin Wright, Sam Worthington, Keira Knightly) That the public more recognized by face and not name. So it w as hardly for most audiences an all star extravaganza. That the studio might have seen it as, even with the dwindling star system. The most recognizable name and face was Jake Gylenhaal. (Though with that big beard some might have a hard time realizing it's him. Plus as this is more an ensemble film. He isn't the star. Not that he is a guarantee. He isn't introduced until the middle of the trailer)

Though this film being an event movie it might be the wrong season to it. As cold weather is almost here this film reminds the audience of the worst of it. Plus maybe by this time audiences are out of energy for more films like this. They need a break. Maybe, It should have been a summer film. It would have went along with the other blockbusters. So that even if it wasn't a hit. It would have made more money then it is now. As it seems this would be the right time to strike with the absence of action film or at least big budget ones.

As an event film that seems best viewed in Imax or 3D. People seeing it in a regular theater don't get the power or strength of the film. Plus there are limited numbers of IMax theaters out there. Now it will be really disappointing when those who don't have strong or powerful home theaters watch it. As it won't be as strong or presented in the way it seems that it was filmed or intended.

I say all of his even though I haven't actually seen the film, but was interested in it.

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