Friday, February 20, 2015


Directed By: Fred Durst 
Written By: Nick Santora 
Cinematography By: Conrad W. Hall 
Editor: Jeffrey Wolf 

Cast: Ice Cube, KeKe Palmer, Dash Mihok, Tasha Smith, Jill Marie Jones, Matt Craven, Glenn Plummer, Garrett Morris, Earthquake, Caleb Landry Jones, Vincent LaResca

Based on a true story this is a nice uplifting film and story and as usual keke plamer shines in her performance, but alas she is also way better then the material. Which seems like it was rushed into production.

The look of the film is artificial most scenes an characters seem inauthentic more of a type of character then Actual realistic characters like her long lost absentee father and his watch, she carries to remember him. While it could be true it feels like a gimmick, that has too much emphasis placed on it.

This story of a girl who joins the all male football them ad helps them get to the championships also helping he community build itself back up and have pride. Her being coached by her out of work uncle who through teaching finds himself and romance and helps him discover and get close to his famous with this film.

I can see the film as a nice family film to empower young girls and be an inspirational film. Though it feels way too on the nose, to the point of being melodramatic even when it doesn’t need to be. Though if uplifting is what you seek this is the film for you. As long as that is what you desire above all else.

It's a nice attempt, but not quite successful. The director Fred Durst (yes the same lead singer of limp bizkit) does an adequate job. I understand he doesn't want to over saturate the film with camera angles and unnecessary shots, but his direction feels lazy like this could have been some uplifting television movie. So that the Directon is bland and to the point

There was no need for this to be a feature or a extended episode of some television show. The film is saturated in brown and looks like it was filmed In one if those old coloniel towns. Trying to look drab and rundown, but is actually in stunning state. Just out of time also this town is supposed to be going down the drain. Though it seems mainly to unemployed as there seems to be no crime or drug problem. And all it takes of for the high school team to win games and the town is reborn. Did it bring more business? It seems like it is more focused on the American dream and losing it and how a community that might be failing financially is rich in spirit allowing them to have hope and hopefully a better tomorrow

It's a cute movie, but you can definitely wait for cable to see this though it is ok for the whole family. Another aspect that doesn't help the film Is that every scene feels heartwarming and the score lends itself to trying to emotionally manipulate the audience by filling each scene so much it is practically forcing you I feel what it wants to instead of feeling that way naturally. In don't mind an uplifting story as long as it can rest on itself to have the audience have a favorable reaction Instead of forcing the audience.

Ice cube is ok, but it would be nice for him to change facial expressions time to time especially if you want to be the love able nice guy you can't look angry all the time. So that you never detect a change in his characters behavior while it is obvious only because of situations shown and his reactions.

The film also seems to tack on a minor romance for his character that could have been left out and just focused on the relationship between him and his niece. Luckily the film doesn’t get lost in the romance and just leaves the door open as a possibility

Then there is a subplot where the coach has a heart attack and Ice Cube has to step in. Why? Because he is one of the stars of the movie. It also felt like it was in there to add some more drama to the film and pad out the running time

Grade: C

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