Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Poster Art By Sam Carter

One of the downsides of watching so many films over the years is that some of my favorites and other classics are hard to remember off the top of my head sometimes or periodically drop from My mind. If the title is mentioned or I catch a bit of it on cable. The memory of it all comes floating back, like with the film DOGFIGHT, I tend to forget it's greatness though never what the film meant to me or not to mention the memory of the conditions I watched it for the first time but if you asked me to list some of my favorites though that title is one of them. I probably wouldn't remember to list it. More in favor of more popular grand titles, or more recent favorites instead other then my absolute top favorites. Does this happen to anyone else?

The positive is that as an avid film watcher. When something you watch feels different and original. It earns it's praise as something to behold. Something truly special and one of a kind. As if I was more of just an occasional film viewer I will admit I might get surprised more, but also a lot of films I might declare originals. I would find out later with more film viewings that that film i declared an original has borrowed or was inspired or just downright re-imagined or stole from better earlier films. Which some could live with that. Though it would bother me.

Sort of like when you watch the remake of a classic film first and like the remake. Then when you watch the original it doesn't feel as good or magical because you know the story and liked the copy better. Now the original feels stale and since you are watching it second kind of a copy even though it was first. Trust me I know of which I speak. Which is why I can never thoroughly enjoy the classic 12 ANGRY MEN as much as I should.

The one advantage of occasional viewing films. The one point I am jealous of is that it leaves toy open to be surprised by certain films and titles. As you get to discover hidden gems and also acclaimed movies. You get your time with them. That is why I guess one of the things that makes me happy and gives me a thrill is helping people discover or exposing people to films they might have never seen or even knew existed. Seeing their reactions good or bad feels like an accomplishment. My own little way of making a difference.

I wouldn't have made this particular discovery of exposing individuals and audiences to films. If it was not for my best friend Catalina who isn't into movies but usually would enjoy going to movies with me. She knew little about the films but was pleasantly surprised and continuously would ask questions about the film and my thoughts on it afterwards. Now understand she was much more social and connected with the world and people. Her interests lied in much more important issues and interests of the world. I was thankful she was willing to do so. As that was one in many of the ways we would bond. Giving us a common subject, a common ground to stand on. as normally i would worry about boring her. This was like instead of always talking about work, bringing her to my job to see how it works. Though not officially my job. Exposing her to my passion or at least, the job i wanted to do. I also liked to observe her expressions and reactions watching these films. it filled me with joy to watch her discover and be entertained or be amazed by something totally new and unimaginable. As far as film went, Or a scientist discovering their calculations were right and seeing what those eventually created. Then for the first time the discovery being presented to them physically. I was a bit disappointed as I wished I could discover something totally new to me. She is not the only friend who I had those experiences with, that would also include my parents. She's just the one who most often would. As now most of the people i go to the movies with are just as film savvy. For that i will always be thankful, Envious and blessed by.

Just like critics Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert their yearly film guides were essential In my youth as well as the Video-Hound guide. Which would list more outsider and cult films. Learning the plots and little synopsis reviews. Helped me decide what I needed to watch. There aren't as many noteworthy critics though there are plenty of them so many you don't know who to throw your interest behind. I say find the one who is exposing you to the films no one else is. That is after seeing the ones most critics agree at essential must see's. With the internet I can't entirely identify as it is of a generation after me. I am open to accepting it. Though it provides too much information and too many points of view. At least it is easier to track down hard to find films. Though I miss the guides that I could trust over the Internet critics where you can find a good review for even the worst film. So it's not as unanimous. I like bring guided though letting the final decision and opinion being your own.

I try never to bad mouth a film before I see it. As it could fully surprise me. I choose to stay quiet and skip if it looks that bad or watch it so I can explain how I feel it is bad and what i didn't like about it, but i will feel free to criticize just the trailer. As we can all bad mouth certain trailers all we want. The studios are just going to cram it down our throats in advance until we wonder when it's coming out or know by heart once it does we must see. And no matter the buzz, If it's a hot enough for all out bitching they know we will see it even if just out of spite or just to bad mouth it. Either way the money goes to them. It's like this recent WHITNEY Houston TV movie everyone said it was going to be horrible and dishonored her, it still set ratings records. Though that is more in the realm of television.

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