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Directed By: Neil Abramson 
Written By: Jon Bernstein 
Cinematogrphy By: Russell Lyster 
Editor: Suzanne Hines 

Cast: Jerry Springer, Jaime Pressley, Michael Jai White, Michael Dudikoff, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Molly Hagan, William McNamara, Nicki Michaeux, John Capodice, Thea Vidale, M.C. Gainey

Jerry Springer stars as more or less himself, the host of a raunchy, controversial and popular Los Angeles talk show which features everyday people with problems and who frequently vent their problems on the air. A new group of guests are flown in for one show who include white trailer trash from Sarasota FL; Connie, whose current husband has cheated on her with her nymphomaniac teenage daughter, Angel, for which Connie has gotten revenge by having sex with Angel's fiance; and from Detroit, black trash Starletta, whose boyfriend, Damone, has slept with all of her girlfriends. Soon the paths of all of these parties cross which leads to more sex, arguments, physical violence, and Jerry sweating out just another day.

This is truly a waste of film. One of the few I can really saw that I absolutely hate. As it is nothing more than a gimmick to capitalize on a fad Of the time. The popularity of the Jerry Springer show was colossal at the time. I think a documentary would have better served the subject rather then a scripted comedy. As this film seems to just be as sleazy as the show is and makes the actors the participants in sex scenes and bad comedy. Rather than try to dramatize or she'd light in the characters and situations that leads them to be guests on the show.

I saw this film when I was working at a movie theater. Thankfully I didn't pay to see this film. I hate this film with a passion. Even on the films opening weekend, there was barely an audience a handful in each showing the film didn't even make it there for more than two weeks. Even as the film had been heavily promoted. Clearly it Reeked of trying to make a quick doll

It really doesn't help when the film probably truthfully show the glee in the producers of the show eyes as the more the messed up situation and the more problems the better for them.

The film makes the point that we are forced to hear celebrities, their dalliances and dirty laundry. Why is that o.k. But considered shameful and wrong once common folk want to tell their stories of messed up relationships as entertainment it isn't accepted. Now that would be a fine point to make and if shown during the movie that was the goal that would be great but the film should have added what Jerry Springer’s show actually does which is exploit the story for entertainment and not truly give an ending or really deal with in any manner as far as help or counseling goes.

The film which it's star talks about passionately respecting his guests. Here trivializes, insults and ridicules them. The people who make the show and the audience. So who exactly would be happy and proud watching this film? The audience it insults?

None of the individual stores really get solved as they just reach another level of understanding, but still seen like they will stay dysfunctional.

Generally, I like Jerry Springer as he seems like a smart and genial guy in general, but when it comes to his show he does live up to the title of this movie as he is there to introduce the guests and treats them as freaks, yet they help keep him in his job and get him ratings. So he found his shtick and is sticking to it. Though truthfully even he seems embarrassed to be in the film. Maybe nervous acting in the film.

The cast is wasted and should be embarrassed, really did Michael Dudikoff think this was going to be his comeback? Though it does remind one of his comedic beginning in the film BACHELOR PARTY.

Jaime Pressley plays her role well and prepared her for her role as joy in the television show MY NAME IS EARL. As she seemed to corner the market for awhile playing hot rednecks and poor white trash. Even starring in a film of the same name. Only here her character seems to be such a insult. She is so degrading and really the only T & A throughout the film. She deserves better and the film really never explains her behavior.

The film is shot harshly, it just looks bad production wise. We are even forced to watch a uncomfortable Jerry Springer sex scene. Which is not as bad as having to listen to him song country music which is also a scene. In fact he barely interacts with the other characters. Which I thought strange for a film supposedly centered around and starring him.

This film could have been save by at least giving the audience what it wants, more of an exploitation film by adding more nudity, sex, comedy and fights. Truthfully there are glimpses of it. When there is some I comes out of nowhere. Plenty of sexual situations with no real pay off nor too much shown. They are played more for comedy and built to be shocking just like most of the film in general.

You just feel dirty after watching the film

I can only see this film appealing to 13 year olds thinking they are getting something naughty and funny and that they are watching something that will blow their minds. As they have been banned from watching it, I can imagine them even being disappointed. They can find films like this that are most as stupid but still better done.

Grade: F

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