Monday, February 3, 2014


The legend of Philip Seymour Hoffman.
An open letter.

After hearing the news I couldn't rest I couldn't sleep I had to get this it of my head. maybe it's my deep sorrow for criticizing him harshly in the past for his performance In a disposable film and one in a great one. One of the reasons I never got on my soapbox and praised you was because I assumed everyone knew how great an actor you were and I don't like to join bandwagons. I believe I just always assumed you would always be around and it was a given of your talents. I took you for granted to a degree. You always left an impression that you had to have an opinion of whatever performance you gave. Some actors blend into the background well or seem basic. Though even for your Every man appearance you always stuck out. Even your directorial debut wasn't a typical romantic film. It was all about dysfunction and never painted your characters in a heroic light. They were just usually more likeable and more decent at times then the other characters.

I saw you as this generations Dustin Hoffman. Not just in last name. Though you have your own identity as an actor. There can only be one. You are your own.

You hear the term an actors actor a lot. Very few times it's a compliment just because some don't want to repeat how good the actor was. When it comes to Hoffman it's true as he was what some might say was always good in a pinch. What I mean by using the term is that no matter what role support got star of or small he always had a raw dignity to his acting. You could tell your emotion as you were an open actor never mysterious or haunted At least in your performances you could see his joy. You are the type of actor who other actors have to up their game around. no matter what movie you are In as ridiculous as it may have been. You classed it up just by your presence.

When it came to your acting career there was never a type of role for you to play. Just as no one was ever looking for a Philip Seymour Hoffman type. You transformed himself into his roles. No two performances were the same. Just look at how much you accomplished and how many roles you played and in such a short amount of time and left countless cinematic memories. Performances we will never forget and you were only in your late 40's imagine what still had ahead of you. if you was this good already.

You were blustery only on demand. as most of your roles were more subtle and simple. Though you brought a certain mesmerizing quality to your acting.

For as much as ones rely mentioned you. I made sure I saw most of the films you appeared in. He was an actor who i just always knew would give a good performance no matter what. It just seemed to come natural to you.

You managed to accomplish so much in your career And life. In such a short period of time. You were looked at As unstoppable. You were ranching past the sky. That is no small effort. You earned every piece, That praise.

I discovered you as most did from boogie nights unknowingly witnessing you in my boyfriends back and TWISTER to knowingly recognizing you in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Until you played one of the legends who haunt me Lester bangs In ALMOST FAMOUS. You tended to play mostly roles that were human and actually people the audience could recognize, relate to or just want to hang with. You are identifiable as a human with flaws and a good side.

I am going to miss reviews that would have said as always Philip Seymour Hoffman is phenomenal or at least Philip Seymour Hoffman give a good performance. I'm going to ms hearing what project or role he was going to play next in. I am going to miss wondering will he be working with Paul Thomas Anderson again. I am going to miss what Broadway play he will play in next. I am going to miss you blowing me away with a performance or me nitpicking your performance for not reaching the heights and quality I knew you were capable of, because I am going to miss ever getting to see him on the street or meet him in person. I will miss you. Not only me so many of us. Even if you didn't know him by name you knew his face Scotty from BOOGIE NIGHTS. So many people loved and respected him. It hurts though I can say thank you as you left being so Many memories and will never be forgotten. You and Your name will always be remembered and respect. Though your gone you voice can never b silence or forgotten. You will forever be a inspiration. As you were a real person and had a life.

We can realize there are complexities and a certain amount of emotions that go through any person who is asked to be emotionally raw and naked for a living. So I won't pretend to understand that. I will say the mood I am feeling is like the ending of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES where we saw only one side of you the side you choose to show and though good I am sure it wasn't even the best. Your friends and family were special enough to have witnessed those screenings. Like the movie I won't understand and isn't our business too. It just feels like a deep loss too soon that is unexplainable as you were always so full of life.

I won't talk about how you went I will just say it was way too soon and out of nowhere which makes it all the more sad and tragic.

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