Sunday, September 8, 2013


Directed By: Peter Yates 
Written By: Tom Mankewicz 
Story By: Tom Mankewicz & Stephen Manes 
Cinematography By: Ralph Woolsey 
Editor: Frank P. Keller 

 Cast: Bill Cosby, Larry Hagman, Raquel Welch, Harvey Keitel, Allen Garfield, L.Q. Jones, Bruce Davison, Dick Butkus

Los Angeles: A new law says that the first ambulance that arrives at an accident obtains the contract to transport the injured person. The result is ruthless competition between several companies.

The epitome of hustle. This movie about a scrappy ambulance company and it's drivers and the wacky misadventures. Telling you more would be a great disservice to the film. Though I will say watching the film is certainly a revelation when you first see it.

I love and respect Bill Cosby, but not only has he never had a better film role, but he has never been cooler than he is here. Sure he still smokes his cigars, he also drinks excessively. Beer in particular, uses a shotgun, and get's an Asian massage.

I think he way to all of this is that he is playing a role a little bit out of his comfort zone.

It's a comedy, but not necessarily the clean cut family one's he is used to later in his career people more or less catered to his whim. Here we have him when he was successful, hit couldn't write his own ticket. He couldn't just take over a film and do what he wanted.

The reason I like this film. Is that it's cynical it mixes wacky humor with depressing situations. It has some deep dramatic scenes with lunacy running all around it. And shows you how random good and bad things can happen and totally change your life or situation.

What makes this movie good is that the film’s comedy is more based on characters, how they react what they do In a realistic way then just placing a bland character in a Over the top situation.

The cast being all pros certainly helps. The great Allen Garfield an actor who never got the respect he deserved as a character actor. The man was in THE CONVERSATION, NASHVILLE, PUTNEY SWOPE, THE COTTON CLUB, THE STUNT MAN, and BEVERLY HILLS COP 2, for god's sake all of them classics, but no proper respect

Larry Hagman an underrated actor is in this film and proves he could do it all comedy and drama, but is mainly only remembered for DALLAS and I DREAM OF JEANIE. He is hilarious in this movie.

Raquel Welch who once again cast as a sassy smart, down to earth screen bombshell is really all about that a lot of today's actresses could learn from. It's not all looks ladies. You have to put some effort and talent in there too.

Harvey Keitel who in this finally seems like e is having fun in his role. One of the few times you ever see it in him. As he usually likes to play his roles very close to the chest.

Bill Cosby going against his image for one of the few times in his career in this the most bad-ass role he would ever get.

This film is definitely not for the kids, but a film you should seek out as soon as possible

 Grade: B

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