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Directed By: Chris Rock
Written By: Chris Rock & Louis C.K.
Based On The Screenplay for “CHLOE IN THE AFTERNOON” By: Eric Rohmer Cinematography By: William Rexer
Editor: Wendy Greene Bricmont

Cast: Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres, Steve Buscemi, Michael Kenneth Williams, Edward Herrmann, Wendell Pierce, Roz Ryan, Ian Brennan, Matthew Morrison, Eva Pigford, Christina Vidal, Eliza Coupe, Orlando Jones

Brenda wears comfortable, cotton panties; Nikki wears sheer, lacy thongs. Richard Cooper is in the middle, with a good job in Manhattan, a house in the suburbs, and two cute children with Brenda, his intelligent, good-looking wife who's a teacher. But there's no sex in this seven-year marriage, so Richard's bored. Into the mix walks Nikki, a sexy, sassy, single friend he's not seen in years. Nikki has problems and finds a reason to stop at his office every day. He tries to help, they have some fun, and he doesn't mention Nikki to Brenda. His work and reputation suffer. Is he about to scratch the seven year itch? What choices does Richard have?

Chris rock’s remake of CHLOE IN THE AFTERNOON . Which might turn away certain amount of the audience as many are fans of the original. Which didn’t see the need for a remake. It might be that i didn’t see the original and the fact that I am a fan of Chris Rock that I gave this film a chance.

Chris rock takes the central premise of the original film and infused it with his sense of humor and jokes only he creates situations and moments that while they have a comedic edge, but feel realistic in it’s internal dramas and relationships. It measures it’s ridiculous zany humor, but checks it at a certain point to let the reality of the situation and scenes take over.

As always Chris Rock seems a little stiff, but that works for his buttoned down character. Especially considering he also directed the film and we have seen him animated on stage doing his stand-up.

Originally Kerry Washington and Gina Torres Were supposed to play each other’s roles, but wisely switched as Gina Torres is good as the normal with Kerry Washington hits it out of the park with her role here as the seductress free spirited infect with this role. It got audiences and directors dilemmas. I like the fact that instead of making her innocent and him just the chaser.

The film allows us to realize, she knows what she is doing. It is more her testing her limits and how much she can push a man to do her bidding before he breaks.

The only problem of believability. I had was that Kerry Washington is supposed to be the same age as Chris Rock’s character an old college classmate. She looks nowhere near his age. I understand that relationship is needed to work, but it’s a noticeable age difference.

Steve Buscemi has a thankless supporting role. Which would have made more sense if he had more to do or given more to say. As it plays he leaves the film with star power, but nothing for him to do.

I like that the film also presents the problem and solutions for his marriage as complicated and not just the result of one problem.

Charles Stone III was originally slated to direct but dropped out of the project. Chris Rock decided to direct the film after Steven Spielberg recommended to Rock that he should direct his own films. The film is co-written by his old writing partner Louis C.K. who adds some of the subjects he explored in his stand-up and subsequent television show.

I am happy the film does it feel like a stand-up routine or a extension of a comedic monologue of course it revolves around Rock, But offers him a chance to show range and not be the hero.

It’s like a more respectable less lecherous THE WOMAN IN RED.

I count this as a minor achievement for Chris Rock. While it’s far from a classic. I give it a chance to be a leading man on his own terms and shows a flare for filmmaking and creativity.

The film plays like a familiar meal a bit bland but in certain sections of the dish are full of surprising flavor.

It’s good for what it is and never tries to portray itself as nothing more.

The ending is strange, but I will say it’s different and an original moment.


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